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Alabai Central Asian Shepherd Working dog breed

October 15th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Aboriginal Dogs of The Caucasus and Asia “Stop” (blue mix) artist: Ghost_k length: 3:36 label: N/A genre: Hip Hop & Rap

25 Responses to “Alabai Central Asian Shepherd Working dog breed”

  1. iva90 Says:

    @christine7hill He had very bad hip and ,joint problems..What happened to your Presa?

  2. christine7hill Says:

    @iva90 What happened to him? We have a presa canario by the way. sort of looks like yours in color. sorry for your lose. we had a presa we had to put down at 10 months

  3. iva90 Says:

    @christine7hill Thank you very much.Our poor boy is gone to the better place now…he was put down at the age of 3 :(…we miss him dearly

  4. christine7hill Says:

    I loved the video. How quickly I watched him grow. Ended up bigger than the presa. You have beautiful dogs, beautiful house. and you can for sure tell from this video that you love your dogs

  5. TheNorpo Says:

    shum e bukur

  6. Taud Says:

    looks alot like a st bernard….

  7. PsDarkGamer Says:

    raaa aris qartuliii nagazii ar gadamriooo alabaiaaa qartulii egetii araaa

  8. ballsthatclank Says:

    what breed is that at 2:32 =D

  9. iva90 Says:

    @mariammono Different countries from Central Asia have their own type and call them theirs :) Thanks for watching

  10. mariammono Says:

    this dog is georgian and I;m proud of this dog. I have 2 dogs like this.

  11. ConiferTreez Says:

    @iva90 he looks more like an Alano

  12. 1Patrioti Says:

    are they born without or short tail or you had them cutt when they were puppies
    great dogs by the way

  13. SofijaBeric Says:

    Lovely dogs !

  14. iva90 Says:

    @cabratotal3 Thank you very much for your comment

  15. cabratotal3 Says:

    Your dogs are beautiful ! presas canarios are awesome dogs!! . And I´m so proud the breed is from my island :D

  16. iva90 Says:

    He is Presa Canario

  17. exnan0 Says:

    what breed is the brindle dog?

  18. MAfiaMaraS Says:

    Did you See Any TURKİSH Dogs :) ?
    You can Just Write –> Turkish kangaL :) NiCe Video Good Luck My brothers.!

  19. iva90 Says:

    This black and white male is Alabai. Thank you for your comment :)

  20. fathaykhankharotti09 Says:

    best dogs ever (sage koochee)

  21. PistabachiCalifornia Says:

    Beautiful Dog! He has a wonderful confirmation.

  22. iva90 Says:

    Thank you

  23. iva90 Says:

    Thanks :)

  24. azizbek79 Says:


  25. iva90 Says:

    I agree :) I am well thank you :)