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Alapahas Vs Presa Canario - Celtic Alapaha Kennels - CAK

June 20th, 2010 by admin in Videos

My Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldogs playing with my much larger Presa Canario. Presa teases Alapahas with toy. Celtic Alapaha Kennels - Newport, Wales, UK

2 Responses to “Alapahas Vs Presa Canario - Celtic Alapaha Kennels - CAK”

  1. Tideshadow Says:

    Halo and Diamond rings are so nice and coming along great!!!

    Sensi Is nice too, two of my favorite breeds!

  2. CelticAlapahaKennels Says:

    sensi the presa is only 5months old the the alapahas are about 3 half months they have grown so much since then

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