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American Bandog Mastiffs Play Tug

October 28th, 2010 by admin in Videos

This a video of Morrigan, Kronos, Fenrir, and Freya playing tug of war. Morrigan is 27 inches at the shoulder, 125 pounds, and will be two in May. Kronos is 29 inches at the shoulder, 120 pounds, and is 13 months old. Fenrir is almost 9 months old, 115 pounds, and 27 inches. Freya is also almost 9 months (Freya and Fenrir are littermates), 25 inches, and 85 pounds. I will be breeding Morrigan and Kronos early this year. For more information visit our website:

8 Responses to “American Bandog Mastiffs Play Tug”

  1. MidgardKennels Says:

    Your mistake is thinking my dogs are bred for pit fighting. I am not a dog fighter, and I don’t associate with dog fighters. My dogs are bred to protect families, they are bred to be man stoppers, for that you need height and mass. A small or stumpy dog lacks the agility, power, and speed to catch, fight and stop a 200 pound man. I don’t worry much about a burglar going for the throat straight away, he should be more worried about my dogs going for his.

  2. y3sprint Says:

    yeah my mastiff cross pit is not as tall which i prefer stops the smaller dogs goin 4 throat str8 away plus these would tire too tall and gangly

  3. enoughraptor6 Says:

    thank you as do i and that is why i was asking. your dogs are beautiful.

  4. MidgardKennels Says:

    Morrigan should be done filling out, her chest is 11 or 12 inches wide. The two pups haven’t filled out yet, the male Fenrir is very “mastiffy” in the body and already 10 or 11 inches thick himself. His sister Freya is built more like a pitbull, with a lot of muscle, after she fills out she should be build like a 120 pound game pit. Kronos is really in his “gangly” stage I expect him to be something like a thick corso. I really prefer an athletic, balanced dog over the shorter “tanky” type dogs

  5. enoughraptor6 Says:

    your dogs are beautiful. will they fill out or will they stay that sleek look. thanks.

  6. MidgardKennels Says:

    Shakespeare wrote that in the late 1500s, before the APBT was even bred, and of course there weren’t any Neos in England at the time. Then bandogs were crosses between the English mastiff, which was very different from today’s English mastiff, and a type of English bulldog that doesn’t exist anymore.
    While a good working Neo crossed to a good game bred pit can make some good dogs they are no more “real” than any other bandogs. A lot of people mistake the “Joe Lucreo” type for the only type.

  7. MidgardKennels Says:

    Actually, a bandog is any Mastiff, bulldog cross. The word Bandog or Bandogge, is and old english word that gets the “ban” from the saxon word “banda” meaning strap, band or chain. The “Dogge” comes from old french meaning powerful dog or mastiff. So bandog means “chained-mastiff”. Even Shakespeare mentioned bandogs in Henry the Sixth:

    Deep night, dark night, the silent of the night,
    The time of night when Troy was set on fire;
    The time when screech-owls cry and ban-dogs howl,

  8. MasterOfAllBulldogs Says:

    Great Looking Dog. Real Bandog or Bandogges are Male Real APBT to Female Neo Mastiffs