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APBT vs. Presa Canario

February 3rd, 2012 by admin in Videos

Viho and Diesel My American Pit Bull Terrier playing with the a Presa Canario pup. My dog was over a year and the Presa pup is only about 5 months old…..

25 Responses to “APBT vs. Presa Canario”

  1. Gvzeo Says:

    @MrFaylo12 I am thinking the same thing. My dog has a white chest. Less than 15% but his face/muzzle is pure black.

  2. MrFaylo12 Says:

    Dont see a presa…. Presas dont have a blaze that bad on their noses or maybe you got him from a bad breeder. Looks like a pit presa mix

  3. SuperBakeDizzle Says:

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