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August 9th, 2010 by admin in Videos

9 weel old puppy Presa Canario. Red Star KATO

8 Responses to “belkamalepup”

  1. primolilla Says:

    Not sure if he’s jealous, but the 53 year old seems to be overly into Pink videos. Sounds like a little mid life crisis at the very least. Maybe a dog hater too. Wonder how stupid he’ll think it is when the dog is 100+ pounds and doesn’t think fondly of him.

  2. ChandraParker Says:

    Haha agreed!!

  3. superdupersonic Says:

    Cool! Presa and Corso are my favs. =)

  4. superdupersonic Says:

    a working 9 week old presa pup from red star is probably smarter than you in some ways =)

  5. SweetIndependentChic Says:

    very pretty the color and the breed, my cousin breeds them..I own a can corso/presa mix, great dog

  6. mact44pitmaster Says:

    Stupid Really ?

    Jealous ???

  7. heroalka Says:


  8. primolilla Says:

    Nice, confident presa puppy.

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