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Big ol’ fedor presa canario 23 months

January 19th, 2013 by admin in Videos

a video of fedor playing. massive presa canario. i don’t know how he got so damn big. his parents are within the standard but he’s like 32 inches at th withers. Hell of a good guard dog though.

18 Responses to “Big ol’ fedor presa canario 23 months”

  1. nagacanario Says:

     yeah i love mma. it figures that i name this dog fedor and then the real fedor starts losing left and right. but that’s the game. thanks for watching!

  2. edtri19 Says:

    Someone likes MMA

  3. nagacanario Says:

    either one is a great dog. they both have a great work ethic and are very willing to please. as with any strong breed , you must be in charge and that starts from a young pup. fedor was a big baby but very protective from 3 months old but kron was less guardien oriented and more hard headed from a pup. it takes work. shepards tend to not like anyone outside of family but presas seem to read there owner. my friends never have to worry.

  4. SG02JATT Says:

    im sorry but you havent answered my second question. im considering getting one. How easy are they to train? intelligence and trainability wise would you reccomend a german shepherd or a presa.

  5. nagacanario Says:

    he came from noah sanders. a lot of people want to talk crap a bout noah , but i don’t care. all i can say is go to sanders kennels just outside of atlanta and look around for an hour or so . you wiil change your mind. i promise. he’s got a litter on the way with the daughter of katia and the male that just won the u.s. monographica.

  6. nagacanario Says:

    best of luck! they are a fantastic breed. not some crazy killers like some idiots portray. they will protect family to the death with no encouragement unlike some uneducated people will say. i’ve done this for 11 years. these dogs are beautiful loving and guardien oriented naturally. if you treat them like a golden retriever they will protect but will never be a liability. thanks for watching!

  7. nagacanario Says:

    fedor gets normal dog food. none of this 70$ a bag gimmic stuff. he is a very sweet loving dog, but don’t come with bad intentions. he knows.

  8. nagacanario Says:

    he came from noah sanders. thanks for watching. he is a big sweetheart!

  9. nagacanario Says:

    actually , he’s very good around children. i don’t encourage agressiveness at all. i realize he he intimdating but he is a big baby. i’ve owned presas for 11 years and i’m not like these ghetto idiots that buy one and think it’s a big pit bull. he’s not. i understand your concerns thouroghly. all my dogs will guard family but are very sweet loving dogs. fedor is around kids all the time and i am confident. thanks for watching.

  10. SG02JATT Says:

    in all honestly would you leave this dog around kids.

    and how easy is it to train him.

  11. RKGKENNELS Says:

    ive got a presa x old tyme bulldogge, english bulldog, and some how hes like 19” at 12 weeks old

  12. nagacanario Says:

    thanks! he gets nutro ultra large breed. i’ve got picures of him but they are all regular photos. i think i am the least technological person on earth. i shoul own a digital camera, but i don’t. hell i don’t even own a cell phone! he had lon legs as a puppy and noahtold me he would be big but he just looked like a goofy pup. i got him at 3 and a half months and he was guarding right away unlike kron who’s just a silly dog. fedor has been fixed though! bummer. thanks for watching!

  13. RKGKENNELS Says:

    have you got any video’s or pictures of him as a puppy?

  14. RKGKENNELS Says:

    WOW hes amazing mate, what did you feed him?

  15. TheAnimalDen Says:

    call me a dumbass if ya want,but when my sister bred her preas she got a white one with Black spots on him…most people call them Bandogs when they have spots…but i think preas’s would look good if they had more colors…who cares about the default bullshit..

  16. luishvac Says:

    thats a beautiful big dog just got my presa pup a couple days ago great dogs

  17. nagacanario Says:

    thanks for watching. yeah he’s the biggest one i’ve had in 10 years! he is kinda goofy but he tends to scare the hell out of people.when you get to know him he becomes a big baby. i’ve watched this dog protect other peoples children as i have none of my own. take care.

  18. TheNomadintime Says:

    Fences migh need raising, good looking dog for sure.