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BSL’s Hit List

October 17th, 2010 by admin in Videos

THIS VIDEO WAS HIT WITH COPYRIGHT. THIS SONG WAS THE BEST I COULD GET. PLEASE, IT WAS MADE FOR AWARENESS SO GIVE ME A BREAK OK? THANK YOU. ~ A number of dogs have fallen under BSL and/or the “Dangerous dog act”. The dogs in the video are as follows: American Pit bull terrier,American staffordshire terrier,Australian shepard,Belgian malinois,Blue heeler,Boston terrier,Pug,Presa canario,Cane corso,Dogo argentino,French bulldog,Great dane,English spinger spaniel,Labrador retriver,Samoyed,Kangal,Akbash,Rottweiler,Doberman pinscher,Dogue De Bordeaux,Airedale terrier,Akita,Colorado bulldog,American bulldog,Alapaha blue blood bulldog,Scottish dearhound,Siberian husky,Chow chow,English mastiff,Leonberger,Newfoundland,Bull terrier,Kuvasv,Alsatian shepard,Australian cattle dog,Boerbol,Borzoi,Bouvier Des Flandres,Boxer,Bull mastiff,CataHoula leopard dog,Eskimo dog,Estrela mountain dog,Great pyranees,Keeshond,Italian mastiff,Saint bernard,Staffordshire bull terrier,Wolf spitz and many more. ~ I couldnt put them all in the video. It is very sad. For the people that think this video is too much…..tell that to the hundreds and thousands of dogs that are killed at the hands of BSL. EDUCATE.

25 Responses to “BSL’s Hit List”

  1. Back2Dixie Says:

    This is ridiculous. These groups have nothing better to do. They are full of weak pathetic powerless little worms that thrive for power over others. If they want it so bad , then they should come in person and try to take away our rights to our animals and other things, so we could whip their cowardly asses!!!

  2. LeFemmeCrystal Says:

    @CRFmxracer Actually labs are more prone to bite than pittbulls and other bully breeds.

  3. katie101111 Says:

    i used to have two rottweilers but one passed away and he was very loving and the one i still have now is so sweet and i used to have another one which died at 16 and it was so loving it was so nice and caring it would not hurt a fly

  4. CoookieMonsteer Says:

    @CRFmxracer i know why you might think that about pugs and stuff but labs are quite bitey sometimes :L

  5. gottalovemulder1 Says:

    @dleib2009 Pitties rock!!!!

  6. gottalovemulder1 Says:

    @spaderzparadise I know right what they gonna do snort on you to death!!!!

  7. gottalovemulder1 Says:

    @wyliesnyder Thts right!!! I know a Lab that mouths all the time cause he’s young that don’t make him a bad dog!!! BSL is the stupidest thing in the world!!!! And Pitbulls wouldn’t hurt a fly!!!! Anybody who hasn’t listened to Pitbull Blues by John Shipe needs to check it out!!! I LOVE BAD RAP BREEDS!!!!!

  8. gottalovemulder1 Says:

    It just shows how stupid they are when they start targeting Great Danes!!! There gentle giants!!!! BSL is retarded!!!!! I LOVE BAD REP BREEDS!!!!

  9. noeldls Says:

    This is so much BS. I mean this BSL is all BS if they want to do this to all these breeds why not just put the MF that fight them down or better yet put a BSL on them? I mean it’s not the dogs fault it has fools for owners. So lets cut them so they can no longer breed I’m so sick of this shit. My son is my son and if you come near him or try to tell me you’re going to put him down you’re going to put me down too. Cause I will protect him with my life like he would for me.

  10. xsymba Says:

    To us it is the same thing :-( Everything molossoïdes is a part of it !!!Hélios(Hovawart) is a race very badly known…Except for in Germany ( his origin) where they are tolerated well…But not in Belgium..They also have a bad reputation :-(It is true that it is dominant dogs and that it is necessary to put in the straight and narrow because they react very fast and bad…But we arrive there!!! Hélios is sociable now. We give fast a bad label in all these dogs!! It is sad…

  11. guineapigcrazy2288 Says:

    were is Chuhuhua! lol they are usally show a-lottttttt! of agression and usally bite!

  12. spaderzparadise Says:

    lol a pug a threat ??

  13. PettoPrincess88 Says:

    hells yes I will fight to the death for my dobie and even lab mix!! where my chihuahua is the only dog i have that would bite someone but I watch him for signs every time.

  14. kreeperrock Says:

    @CRFmxracer yes labs actually feature very highly in bite lists as do all herding breeds like austrailian shepards. It isn’t a list on kills or serious injury its on bites of any nature so a scratch will be listed the same as taking an arm off. All the breeds ppl think of as the “nice” ones feature at the top of bite lists. pits rotties etc are quite low they just do more damage so get more press

  15. kreeperrock Says:

    Bans i disagree with… However i want restrictions i think if planned out properly and not some half assed legislation they could be a great thing. Heavy inforcement would discourage puppy farms as the profit wouldn’t be in it… so healthier dogs. And fact is some ppl arent fit to own a yorkie let alone something like a rottie. I love mine to bits but they arent for everyone

  16. shiznatch93 Says:

    when i externed at a vet clinic, my supervising tech said american eskimos were the second most likely to bite next to chihuahuas…and we saw proof of that when one bit its tongue spazzing out over nothing but being on a leash and we were taking it outside…but im not sure i agree with everything on this video

  17. dleib2009 Says:

    there is nothing anyone can say to me to make me believe that pitbulls are vicious. I have 5 and all of them are very loving dogs as well as very protective. Pits will only do what they are taught to do. nice work on the video. and by the way some of the dogs in this video like the english bulldog and american bulldog are also banned here

  18. SensualCoconuts07 Says:

    maybe the ppl who did impliment these law are astmatic and traumatized from cartoons who thinks its a horror movie , over exhagerating ?yeah i admit i am but even if they have these agressiveness ,its the nature of a dog and they cant take it away from them coz its in their genes , thats why breeders and dog owners are there to look after them .. law makers duh! pathetic !

  19. ILuvMyPitbulls Says:

    And your ignorance is what contributes to BSL. Unreal and unbelievable

  20. ROTTIMAN31 Says:

    @cosmoline626 Rotties are stable, responisibility lies on the shoulders of the owners

  21. ROTTIMAN31 Says:

    @3217491 I have 2 rottweilers and I feel the same way, they will have to pry them from my cold dead hands. My dogs have saved my life and they deserve the same in return, I would do anything for them. Thankfully I live in Canada and we have no BSL where I live

  22. Myhay144 Says:

    all those breeds they want to ban?? i do nit think so…

  23. 3217491 Says:

    i have a german shepard a female and i wil not let her go ( they wont take her anyway live in holland still )

  24. crimsonsurrender Says:

    @cosmoline626 the pit was given the nik name Nanny dog because of its well known tolerance of kids…dont believe the media hype

  25. LoverLover7111 Says:

    Cosmoline is a fat racist pig.