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October 22nd, 2010 by admin in Videos

This is a Bully Kutta and a Gul Terr both are male dog’s in Mirpur, AJK……I’m not a breeder……….Thank you for watching. SUBSCRIBE TO SEE MORE!!!! WWW.AKITATOSA.PICZO.CO..UK

24 Responses to “BULLY & GUL TERR”

  1. AyazSiddiqui88 Says:

    @nomi440 fuck you, idiots like you are the reason for extinction of this dog, appreaciate the dog for what it is not for what it does, you fucking zardari worshippin fool. suck a dick

  2. ali89shah Says:

    nice song

  3. Gr8Candid8 Says:

    nice…. kanye west playing to two male dogs trying to dry hump each other

  4. Tumaashbeen Says:

    lovee i grew up in them alway,s my ideal breed i got RESPECT form this breed,s in my heart and yeah i PROUD on them coz im a PAKISTANI

  5. H4rryy Says:


  6. Ggavin360 Says:

    thats a hench set of bollocks

  7. karlz121 Says:

    nice bully

  8. neurocytohemotoxic Says:

    the smaller dog doesn’t look like a
    gull terr

  9. ikonik69 Says:

    Yaoo how much it cost you to import puppy.

  10. SuperBULLY100 Says:

    can u upload a video of it???

  11. MrJammo786 Says:

    bro u guyz gtta see a video i send 2 youtube in bout a 2-3 months an watch the size ov der monsters.

  12. SuperBULLY100 Says:

    “that is a nice bully…not sure about the gullter.

  13. dwarf350bhp Says:

    u got any pictures to share m8

  14. OGKILLER911 Says:

    i got a bully kutta imported from pakistan n it runs the dog park it weighs 220 n is 38inches

  15. wtf831 Says:

    bully is quite pure - like the “gull terr” although i bet its 75%+ caravan dog.

  16. 0512SUZHOU Says:


  17. Rullah21 Says:

    niiiceeeeeee dogsss the gul terr is sooo beautifulll.. and the bully is a monster

  18. norcalpitz Says:

    nica lookn dawg playa,, i like the one with the big head,,

  19. nomieeKhan Says:

    lol nomi id have written the same :)

  20. nomi440 Says:

    that is a pathetic gulterr specimen. with so many beautiful and powerful gulterr you had to show this puny mongrel.

    The bully is very nice though. good size and big powerful looking head

  21. Aamirh54 Says:


  22. ishotthesherifswife Says:

    song???? plzplz, — I WANNA GULL TERR

  23. nomieeKhan Says:

    sik dogzzz!!!!!

  24. 2canKenny Says:

    beautiful dogs