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Cane Corso Mastiff! Homeless in Yonkers

October 27th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Large boy, about two years old at the Yonkers Animal Shelter, 120 Fullerton Road, Yonkers. Call Leslie for more information (201) 981-3215. Video courtesy of FOBAS, a non profit animal rescue organization that applies 100% of every penny collected to the benefit and needs of the animals.

25 Responses to “Cane Corso Mastiff! Homeless in Yonkers”

  1. killapimp360 Says:

    love him hope he goes to a good home these dogs dont want to fight they like to be loved i own a pitbull and a cane corso and they are big baby’s good luck

  2. res30bat Says:

    @Cheapooo tough in what way?..if you mean a fighter …NO!
    tough in stamina/endurance/high painlevel YES!
    and then i mean a canecorso…i dont know about a pit.

  3. res30bat Says:

    @Cheapooo tough in what way?..if you mean a fighter …NO!
    tough in stamina/endurance/high painlevel YES!

  4. Cheapooo Says:

    are these dogs tough?

  5. carnypimp Says:

    @JD3ify That is not a pitbull!

  6. JD3ify Says:

    thats just a big pit bull and just cause his ears are cropped doesnt mean he was a fighting dog that dude just wanted to get on camera so he could find it a good home.which is good that dog is tight

  7. TheCaneCorso Says:

    @niven1992 <——— but he didnt writen it down as a cross beed so see they need to update this video

  8. MissCedarbridge1 Says:

    @carnypimp duh I dont have any speaker LOL maybe some one should change the title duh!!!!!

  9. carnypimp Says:

    @MissCedarbridge1 Duh! Did you hear the guy say it was a pitbull/ mastiff mix?

  10. MissCedarbridge1 Says:

    thats not a cane corso its a mutt

  11. niven1992 Says:

    he said it was a cross

  12. mas1796 Says:

    Dats my dad i played wit da dog before hes a really great dog

  13. volkiie Says:

    can i adopt this dog?

  14. DasTuppen Says:

    he’s beautiful, i’d love a dog like that, i hope he gets a wonderful forever home….dog fighting is pure evil

  15. TheCaneCorso Says:

    yea youre right just out and dogs I have a cane corso and a pitbull

  16. preliudas Says:

    if you listened ,you should hear that this is Pitbull mix
    Btw i love Cane Corso, considering to get one

  17. TheCaneCorso Says:

    Any departure from the standard shall be considered a fault. The seriousness of the fault shall be proportioned to its degree.
    Monorchid or crytochid. Blue eyes, except in puppies. White on other parts of the body, except where allowed. A few white hairs do not constitute a marking. Tail not docked. so what you have is not a true cane corso

  18. ragenhurt Says:

    Why does this say Cane Corso mastiff, thats not a Cane Corso

  19. MrGoogleyEyes Says:

    man you dont even know what youre talking about so lets just drop it because pits and staffs are both the same breed word!

  20. MrGoogleyEyes Says:

    so now youre telling me the Am staff have been cross breeded

  21. jasdiofa Says:

    No they arnt Amstaffs arnt being bred for gameness and ability soo they are changing for just looks and some ability exept for colby dogs

  22. MrGoogleyEyes Says:

    so then I was right they both are the same breed because they both share the same mother and farther

  23. jasdiofa Says:

    Ok American Pitbull Terrier and Am-Staff where considered the same breed (they where) but they decided to make Am staff show and APBT for work… They come from the same and where APBT but split apart..

  24. MrGoogleyEyes Says:

    so youre sayin the Am staff is cross breed that is mix with pit and what else

  25. jasdiofa Says:

    No they dont am staffs come from American Pitbull Terriers i dono where u get ur info from!#@#$!@%#@