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Ch. Lola 3 weeks presa canario puppies (Hungary)

July 29th, 2011 by admin in Videos

Ch.Lola and Jun.Ch. Hulk Medok 3 weeks puppies. These puppies for sale!

24 Responses to “Ch. Lola 3 weeks presa canario puppies (Hungary)”

  1. yabodmon Says:

    @bLaZeRs4dub depends where your and who your buying off of.

  2. bLaZeRs4dub Says:

    how much does this breed go for any one..???as pups

  3. bronco200005 Says:

    All excited about getin my presa pup tmrw!! Hopfully get along wid da rottie

  4. babaz49 Says:

    damn this puppies look good

  5. realkingkado Says:

    Best dogs id say but thats my own opinion but damn they are stubborn to train so be carefull where you buy from.

  6. TheGameBreedPit Says:

    not my pitbull mines like people but dont care too much for kids he rather not play with them unless Im around to make sure the kids dont play rough with my pitbull

  7. iamshaddow Says:

    from what i have seen, these dogs have more tendencies toward people-aggression, unlike pits, which tend to be more dog-aggressive. all depends on the breeding. my massive pit, crawls on his belly to play with chihauhaus. meet the dog parents and people family first. choose well.

  8. SweetIndependentChic Says:

    to all depends on how u train them..i own a cane corso/presa mix and he loves ppl and other dogs, he plays well…they are hard head and have to have good training, my cousin breeds presas and his new male is the sweetest dog..he loves ppl and plays well with our dogs..but make sure u get ur dog from some1 who also breeds 4 temper n not only looks..

  9. TheGameBreedPit Says:

    stop haten pits just because pits are the best dogs to own

  10. kalieghruleslol101 Says:

    It really depends on how you train them like i had 2 pits and now i am on my 1st presa Canario and she is actually better than tthe Pits

  11. TheGameBreedPit Says:

    I have a question about Presa Canario breeds I will be getting my 1st Presa pup and I what to know does this breeds act like the am pit bull breed I now own a pit bull and he is the sweetest dog I have ever own and I use to have a lab but I heard a lot of people saying the Presa breed act just like the pit breeds is this true?

  12. Dani9901 Says:

    aww, I love Presas. They are so cute, but very hard to train. range around 1500 dollars a piece.

  13. vatansever66 Says:

    How much the price of the young??? Are you sending young to turkey??

  14. vatansever66 Says:

    How much the price of the young??? Are you sending young to turkey??

  15. soleil91 Says:

    Search for “Dogo Canario Leela” :D Daughter of Bandido de Irema Curto:)

  16. chumbulezco Says:

    how much would you pay for a presa with papers?

  17. stuntmasta305 Says:

    They’re not cheap.

  18. dudette001123098 Says:

    yo tengo una presa tambien!!

  19. trampas4u Says:

    ill buy one !!!!!

  20. loverboy456 Says:

    LOL WTF??

  21. kingaztek909 Says:


  22. youname888 Says:

    cok guzeller

  23. denizacik Says:

    hello very good puppies ,i want to learn if you sell puppies?thank you

  24. shaqfu439000 Says:

    Exelent, i love you puppies…Congratulations