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Coby the Presa Canario in Training 1

January 1st, 2012 by admin in Videos

This is Coby the Presa Canario who is starting his personal protection training.

23 Responses to “Coby the Presa Canario in Training 1”

  1. steelfan77 Says:

    @smokedoutnsc That is a part of Spain u dumbass

  2. steelfan77 Says:

    @theseeker2001 You’re a moron…he is the owner/breeder and has great dogs

  3. steelfan77 Says:

    @lokopormitierra It is off the coast of Spain and is Spanish ruled.

  4. SPIDERx144 Says:

    what is this traiing for?

  5. lokopormitierra Says:

    claro español claro, somos lo que tu digas.

    Azarug d-asirem n^hama

  6. salgadin Says:

    como q no es españa?¿…
    ah si es verdad se me olvidaba que los canarios sois japoneses…….menudo primo estas echo chaval….

  7. lokopormitierra Says:

    mira un mapa a ver si es españa lo que ves, que seamos una colonia española no quiere decir que Canarias sea españa

  8. tstar023 Says:

    And just what do you think the canary islands are? They are spanish islands! Look it up!!!!!

  9. tstar023 Says:

    Yes they are look it up!!!!!

  10. lokopormitierra Says:

    canary dog, not spanish

  11. lokopormitierra Says:

    The Canary Island is Not Spanish
    España nos roba, somos la última colonia africana de españa.

  12. twangfk Says:

    this guy is one of the best ive seen

  13. aljn1214 Says:

    18F with webcam. MSG me on M.S.N. ID is in my profile.

    i love sex. fn

  14. raynravyn85 Says:

    This is a very begining exercise(hence “This is Coby the Presa Canario who is starting his personal protection training”). The dog is then taught to (and not to) attack on command. And, yes, they DO attack. Watch a few of the other videos from mokankennels, the dogs go from this to a bite sleeve, to a hidden bite sleeve. And they will attack in “real” situations, if needed.

  15. Gozz6 Says:

    are you having a laugh ? this is not teaching the dog anything, I mean, the dog isn’t even attacking the person, its just holding onto a bit of cloth…

  16. raynravyn85 Says:

    actually, that is the owner/breeder. And you are an ass. Mose is amazing with his dogs, and I am glad to have gotten mine from him and have her trained by him. He is a canine genious….

  17. tstar023 Says:

    the canary islands are spanish islands dumb ass!!

  18. Gozz6 Says:

    hahaha fucking funny as fuck. But sooooo true.

  19. theseeker2001 Says:

    You can tell this is a good outfit because they get minorities to act as the “perps” in order to make it more life-like.

  20. smokedoutnsc Says:

    not spanish dumb ass they come from the canary islands

  21. fribolite Says:

    presa canario a nice spanish dog

  22. DobieGal Says:

    “preliudas” I agree with you :D

  23. preliudas Says:

    cool teacher:)))