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Crazy Presa Canario

June 4th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Ohey. A friend have this funny dog. He wants me to play with him when i visit. Problem is that this dog ALWAYS jump on people. He´s standing on the hindlegs and the paws on my shoulders (not in video). The scary thing is that he looks like that dog that mauled Diane Whipple *Bane. Cue scary music.

25 Responses to “Crazy Presa Canario”

  1. donnarobb1 Says:

    How cool i too have one of these dogs and they love to talk and be heard, he is a lovely boy and i wouldn’t be without mine he is the most gentle loveable dog i have ever owned and great as family dogs xxxxx

  2. dopeboyfresh291 Says:

    that must be a character trait of theirs because when I saw this video when you first put it on here I said thats my dog too!!! he looks just like him anbd acts just like him exactly he jumps on everybody and does that side look and bark when he wants attention or you to touch him!

  3. geezou Says:

    He is pretty !
    He just want you to play with him so much , right?
    It doesn’t seem to be a dangerous situation to me…

  4. zimtim90 Says:

    Great Talker. My boy is an american bulldog/boxer. Loves to chat me up especially when he wants something.

  5. Gordopg Says:

    Anyone who has spent ANY time around different breeds and personalities of dogs will tell you that dog is playing. I’ve worked with everything from dachshunds to bull mastiffs (my family dog) to working sled dogs. That *growl* is just the dog saying hello and speaking. It’s moving around and wagging its tail. If it jumps up on you thats a dominance issue that needs to stop.

  6. makemehavefun Says:

    did I just shit in my pants? I did, didn’t I?

  7. Trashfished Says:

    lezbo got owned!

  8. RazorRedPresa Says:

    This is not a Presa, at most it might have 1/8 Presa blood but I doubt it has any. Look at the side of it’s muzzle, it’s neck doesn’t have all the loose skin a Presa has, it’s eyes are too far apart, the hind legs are way to skinny as are the front and it has no chest. This dogs skin is tight on it’s face a Presa’s is loose, a real Presa is solid muscle this dog is fat.

  9. sixtyniner79 Says:

    Why is everyone talking so much bullshit about pitbulls and all of that!?!?
    A Presa Canario is not a pitbull!!!

  10. sixtyniner79 Says:

    What you write is total bullshit!!! The dog wants to play, thats everything!
    My one is doing that too! And the jumping was because the man had a toy or something in his hand he wants to get it… Nothing more, nothing less…

  11. funguy7979 Says:


  12. mikeb2056 Says:

    You know he’s challenging/threatening you right? Look at the intense staring. The jumping on you is a sign of him trying to dominate you. The dog shouldn’t be doing that. That could turn into a vicious attack in the blink of an eye.

  13. pizzaman3210 Says:

    thank you ppl argue with ppl they dont even know …like..u can big something up if it just simply isnt that big

  14. TheNativeDancer Says:

    He wants you to throw the camera for him to catch haha.

    Are he wants you to play with him.ilmao!

  15. thirdgenls1cam Says:

    very true.

  16. pizzaman3210 Says:

    thats hunting …pitbulls werent bred specifically for that BUT later on after the fact wen ppl knew just how big the breeds inner spirit was they tried things like boar and bear baiting…there not big enough to take on down as fast as a lab or a shepperd…i love apbt and all but i know what they like to do and what just isnt their thing..they wer bred fighters…

  17. thirdgenls1cam Says:

    Have you read up on the history of pitbulls. Many where breed for working dogs. They are still used to hunt animals that people fear like wild bores. Im not putting you down or anything, but many articles i have read about pitbulls relate to them being working dogs.

  18. fetchfilms Says:

    what a weird dog lol. he looks nice. sounds like my uncle’s boxr

  19. Cjayjonez Says:

    that dog sounds so awesome

  20. TheCaneCorso Says:

    LOL I never said they were but they can do the job better then any working breed LOL

  21. 1983jesse Says:

    a cane corso is not the same as a presa canario dumbass

  22. pizzaman3210 Says:

    no ur not dont get me wrong pitbulls are the best breed imo BUT they just arent working dogs…

  23. TheCaneCorso Says:

    stop haten because Im right

  24. pizzaman3210 Says:

    ya ur also a tool eh pitbulls ar not working dogs at al…

  25. TheCaneCorso Says:

    cane corso are some good dogs but the best breed is the am pitbull because they dont need to be large to do large jobs so now you know what breed is the top dog

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