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doggie meat lover’s (raw dog food)

September 3rd, 2010 by admin in Videos Presa Canario Breeder, providing great healthy alternatives to dry kibble for your dog.

6 Responses to “doggie meat lover’s (raw dog food)”

  1. sparkles3560 Says:

    @Maliraptor2009 my dog likes vegies

  2. Horseloverkooder Says:

    loved it thankyou very much. i will try it on my dog. also i love your skin again thx for the recipie

  3. guardiandevilkennel Says:

    @godsfiddler because by adding the veggies your balancing out your dogs nutrition… dogs only require 30% protein… (meat) we don’t survive strictly off of the consumption of protein.. at least its not the healthiest thing to do !! if your doing raw or cooked… add in your veggies for nutrients !!!

  4. guardiandevilkennel Says:

    @Maliraptor2009 simply because the animals that they eat in the wild are not carnivores and this is how they’re diet is regulated.. if you think about it wild dogs eat elk rabbits chickens & deer etc…. (the list goes on) all of these animals are guaranteed not carnivores.. and thus is how dogs eat vegetables and grains… the stomach is the most enjoyable part when feeding because it’s filled with food !!!

    its called the “FOOD CHAIN”

  5. Maliraptor2009 Says:

    Dogs are carnivores. Why feed veggies? grains? especially corn…*gags*. Mine eats prey model raw, what wolves eat.

  6. godsfiddler Says:

    Why not just leave the meat raw and leave the veggies out?

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