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dogo canario 2nd part

October 28th, 2010 by admin in Videos

the work with dog canario

18 Responses to “dogo canario 2nd part”

  1. BluntActivist2008 Says:

    Hi Marco! Great videos! Which is the better guard dog - dogo canario or fila? Thx

  2. FishaMastaMirah Says:

    Non dire cose che non sai, il pitbull é un cane eccezionale ma per la difesa ci vuole un Presa o un Rott, Cane Corso , Boerboel, comunque molossoidi non terrier di tipo bull. Il pitbull é stato concepito per il combattimento contro tori come lo dice il suo nome. Comunque il cane tutto fare é il Rott leggiti un po di storia cinofila ti farebbe bene.

  3. truefila79 Says:

    hi friend, don’t worry. i respect your opinion, but in italy, the people, no want obedience training for guard dog. for me there’s not problem to training the command for control dog, but i doing respect the necessity of the owners. in italy, the dog not go on city, but it live in property and if the owner have a friend in home, he close the dog in box.
    best regards

  4. Nattefugl Says:

    I commented on the video, based on what i see. To me it looks like some random person training his dog to do the “cool” stuff he has seen guard dogs do just for fun. Sorry that my impression was wrong. But if it had been right it would be crutial for that person to understand how dangerous this kind of training can be.

  5. Nattefugl Says:

    I understand that he needs to attack without command to be a good guard dog. No i do not know how to train Security, but i do have common sence! Ofcourse you have to be able to stop his attack with a “let go” command when needed! After what i see on this video he doesent, but you might be working on that or wasent using the “let go” command? And if you are a proffesional then all respect to you, but then you should understand the importance of a “let go” command. Witch i hope and think you do.

  6. truefila79 Says:

    fuck you shit. go oin your snowboard and not breack the ball. my command for you are:fuck off…..

  7. truefila79 Says:

    why the dog need command? every training need a different training and the owner of this dog not interessed at command. the dog for real security work never owner and i can’t waith command. for professionality my dear i’m a k9 trainer in italy…. if you no understand the training, please don’t breack the ball.

  8. Nattefugl Says:

    Seriously! do you know how to train a dog in this kind of thing? First of all train him to let go on command! And that command has to be a good one. And when the dog know that command teach it to attack ON COMMAND! (not by own will). This is a thig witch should be learned by PROFFESIONALS! If the dog has learned somehting wrong, it can and probably will be lethal for the wrong person!

  9. hfjhanse Says:

    fuckings stupid piece of shit dog owner.. this is quite obvious not your cup of tea.. this type of training should be performed by experts and licensed trainers for ex. the police or the military.. not some “tough ” wannabes in wifebeaters who dont have a clue how to control and train a dog. h

  10. megahot10 Says:

    why is that man in the black limping 0.46

  11. giordanwhite Says:

    i pitbull e meglio di tutti…tu sei un profesionista dove sono i tuei pitbull?solo pitbull e un cane tutto fare……

  12. zarakitten99 Says:

    awesome dog

  13. lolesos Says:

    I know.. i used pitbull as a example

  14. jolseen Says:

    No pitbull in that vid!

  15. lolesos Says:

    Well maybe you made it look like this but anyway. Some people will think its cool. And thay buy a dog like this and start training. And think like this now we seen how we do it! We need no expert! Lets get a pitbull and make him though! And Bingo a new video on the news! Dog killed or attacked again! Imo all the fighting breeds are close enough to be banned in the western world as it is. And i think thats sad becouse many of them are great breeds.

  16. lolesos Says:

    I belive you should give your dog a command to attack. Dont let your dog attack at own will. Looks like your dog having a good time. but when hes bored and the (mailman) comes or the girl accidently loose the leach while your friend dropps his pad. what will happend ? This is why schütz hounds needs to be trainerd by proffesionals. And when the trainer with the pad stands still the dog should stopp and bark untill he moves again or just wait for the owner to arrive.

  17. mjnmjd Says:

    Great work!!

  18. retekfighter Says:

    Nem tudom hogy értitek-e de a kutyát minek kell ütni?? ezzel nem vagyok meg békélve de ti tudjátok!