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August 29th, 2010 by admin in Videos


  1. natpimp10 Says:

    @deziboy504 your lost because your also a dumb ass for making the comment

  2. natpimp10 Says:

    @junglecarl This is how kids act dumbass

  3. norbionoff Says:

    awesome dog ..take a look to mine

  4. iiiena Says:

    Wonderful dog!
    I would love to have a Presa <3

    May you tell me the name of the song?

  5. blessedpresa1 Says:

    what is poor about this, this is good, it shows people these dogs are soo good with children, proper dog, if you want a dog it has to be a presa/dogo canario, gl with him :)

  6. ThePresaCanario Says:

    lol is very nice lol sweet

  7. deziboy504 Says:

    okay this doesn’t make sense u got bollywood music and str8 up white kid lol. im lost. unless u adopted the kid.

  8. junglecarl Says:

    what a fuck this girl is up to?????? is it just for fun or what??

  9. velanidisGR Says:

    pitbull much better

  10. HallieandDave Says:

    So cute!! My neighbors are always telling me to throw a saddle on my presa and ride him instead of walk him! These dogs seem to be great with kids. Love the video!

  11. gatorneck305 Says:

    amazing beast love to have one just like him

  12. TanyaaLee Says:

    Such a beautiful Presa, his tolerance for her is amazing. :) I work with a large dog rescue near my house, and they have a Presa who I might be adopting. He’s such a kind, gentle boy.

  13. skylinesoldat Says:

    dude did i see her hit it in the sack? i go ape shit when something goes near my sack…i would have killed the kid

  14. kobuszko Says:

    Eu se fosse esse cachorro, já teria comido essa menina chata inteirinha!
    Por isso que acontece acidentes….cadê o pai pra cuidar?
    Fica judiando do bichão!
    Tem que meter o dente mesmo!

  15. Soufian7Hakim Says:

    My favouite Dogo Canario

  16. msscasadragones Says:

    what a patient dog and stupid girl! :D

  17. saxibaxi19 Says:

    hahaha no its more like a pony :D

  18. Wolf251982 Says:

    Ride That Doggy!

  19. oakk2 Says:

    das kind gehört aufs maul bekommen -.- selbst n halsband umlegen und dann dran ziehen!!!

  20. holydiablo Says:

    come on, at first I thought the same poor dog, but well.. he’s not!.. she doesn’t do anything bad to him. Maybe the dog wasn’t the luckiest at the moment but nothing bad is happening to him! abused dogs wouldn’t be this patient and relaxed!!

  21. sftbllbe Says:

    What song is this?

  22. llAkuTsUll Says:

    Que tal temperamento para soportar a la mocosa, yo yo fuera el dogito ya le habría sacado la cara jajajaja! que sádico.

    Yo creo que si este dogo tiene ese temperamento es porque sus dueños hicieron un excelente trabajo socializando, sin mencionar su hermoso pelaje y estructura, que gran trabajo de los dueños !!

  23. mutchof Says:

    she should get bitten in the face, stupid kid

  24. tysken94 Says:

    damn what a calm und patient dog

  25. stephenwinkler Says:

    Great video and I like the music too. One of the best videos ever posted. You get a gold star from me. Thanks for making it.

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