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May 30th, 2010 by admin in Videos

My dogo/presa canario bitch “Lola” from Hungary in working. Now her puppy’s for sale !(born:16.02.2007.)

21 Responses to “DOGO/PRESA CANARIO in Hungary”

  1. delightracardeanne Says:

    She’s a mixed breed and you bred her? Geez… we’ve got enough of that around here, man..

  2. onchant Says:

    Do they drool? I’m interested in this race but no drooling for my next dog…

  3. lobey2k8 Says:

    i have been looking for a red bitch presa in the UK having trouble though.

  4. pirtea Says:

    what do you mean act like the pitbull?
    a dog is like his owner
    a presa is a guardian dog so it will defent you more than a pit so it might be more agresive in new situations.

  5. TheGameBreedPit Says:

    I have a question about Presa Canario breeds I will be getting my 1st Presa pup and I what to know is these breeds act just like the pit bull breed I now own a pit bull and he is the sweetest dog I have ever own and I use to have a lab but I heard a lot of people saying the Presa breed act just like the pit breeds is this true?

  6. Lenae3013 Says:

    beautiful dog man. i got a girl same color. 14 months

  7. tnuhnitsuj Says:

    cockapoos are kick ass dogs funny little bastards

  8. soleil91 Says:

    Search for “Dogo Canario Leela” :D Daughter of Bandido de Irema Curto:)

  9. ninaquero Says:

    BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL DOG! By the way, they are training him, and unless you do it continuously every day so as to mentally upset the dog, this will not make the dog more violent, they are intelligent animals and usually the more powerful they are, the calmer they get. I had a Bullterrier(mother) and a Bullterrier/Dogo Argentino(son), they were truly gentle dogs, especially with children (and with my mother’s cats). They only became really alert if a stranger showed aggressive behavior.

  10. alx991wp Says:

    only presa canario!the best dogs!

  11. alx991wp Says:

    presa canario only!the best dogs!

  12. windycityrebel Says:

    i agree with you 100%…im a pitbull lover anyway..ive owned them all my life & never had a problem with them

  13. dazhutchylfc Says:

    yeah let ur dog maul a baby then see how u feel! kick the fucker in the heart then it wont be so violent! pussy with a dog thats all u are

  14. controlmuc Says:

    why is it some think a pet has to be small, cute, fuzzy, and sit on your lap???

    To each their own Nitromom ! maybe, this guy actually might need a dog like that in hungary… but you comment from your lounge chair sitting on your fat ass in USA no doubt, knowing all about dogs and people…all along stuffing treats down your “cock-a-poos” mouth.

  15. crybaby1977 Says:

    You should maybe get a hobby and stop passing the “Weak Men ” judgement down so quickly!

  16. Nitrosmom Says:

    Weak men with tough dogs…how typical.

  17. jessthark Says:


  18. youname888 Says:

    fuck you

  19. daphnefowler Says:

    presa canario! the best dog !

  20. presatito Says:

    read the title.

  21. undergroundpu Says:

    is this tosa inu ?

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