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Dont Break in!!

July 12th, 2010 by admin in Videos

And if you do dont say you werent warnerd.. lol PURE BRED(NOT A MIX BREED) Just REALLY rare! ; ) Lola is a Sweetheart to her Family and after she gets to know you for 5 mins she will be on your lap. But that is if we are there!! lol She is a Perro De “Presa Canario” if you have ANY questions about this wonderful Rare Exotic breed Please Just ask me! ; ) Lola Was bred to another Presa Canario Milo De Barnacan Bull **I dont claim this Music**

23 Responses to “Dont Break in!!”

  1. LaZeRpReCiSiOnAiM Says:

    shes a beautiful dog im getting 2 presa canarios real soon

  2. BlondeClarity Says:

    I know lol but oh well.. thanks for the comment.

    ; )

  3. ElanaVital83 Says:

    Have you noticed that you don’t get as many views on this vid as you do with the other ones where you’re washing the truck? LOL!

    Cute puppy!

  4. Daddy99O2 Says:

    LoL you tell him doll!

  5. BlondeClarity Says:

    lol hope this whole process was worth it for you, obviously a huge waste me and everyone else.. but ok fag if it makes you feel and sleep better each night.. bash on

  6. EDDITON Says:

    Lovely girl. Try to take some weight of her, she will look great , feel great, be more agile and will be less stress on her bones.

    Take Care and good luck

  7. BlondeClarity Says:

    lol im sorry, but thank you..

    ; )

  8. sedod66 Says:

    haha, thats true. but now i feel a bit short changed! amazing dog tho!

  9. BlondeClarity Says:

    hey it worked gettin you here.. lol

  10. sedod66 Says:

    loving the tags you put to get people looking lol

  11. BlondeClarity Says:

    She is a big sweetie, when she knows you lol

    Thank you
    ; )

  12. CrazyD50 Says:

    Beautiful dog . Looks like a real sweetie :)

  13. presapuppies4sale Says:

    gorgeous presa !!!

  14. delkolver2 Says:

    wow nice bark

  15. gofigure2007 Says:

    Does she know any tricks?

  16. masterthes Says:

    Wow! Impressive dog there

  17. jayfro6 Says:

    wow 15 mos. still some growing to do. how big does the breed tend to be?

  18. DarkStar661 Says:

    i usually prefer small dogs like cockers but that breed is pretty awesome, my last boxer had the same weigth that milo, but i’m sure that milo can beat him..

  19. hammer009 Says:

    cool vid, Your dog is a monster!!!!! Big dogs are great!

  20. BlondeClarity Says:

    Colby Callait

  21. 1007230 Says:

    Hi, can you tell me who the musician is?

  22. zizzlerizzle8707 Says:

    cool new video. Would like to see more of you though

  23. vtxski30 Says:

    well not exactly what i wanted in new video but ur still hot and love ur new dog

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