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December 1st, 2010 by admin in Videos

Dis my dog n pups

25 Responses to “FATAL PITBULL FIGHT”

  1. bauxer1 Says:

    son hermosos los cachorros,como se llama la cancion o k grupo lo toca ?gracias

  2. NoxDeadly Says:

    @lewis3265 lol, naw I sold em all

  3. lewis3265 Says:

    aaawww so cute. im glad u really didn’t fight them. or did you?

  4. gangbanger222 Says:

    so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

  5. OglanciMuslum Says:

    title misleading bitch
    fatal pitbull fight is my arse nigga

  6. BlueberryBubblegum18 Says:

    these pups look like staffys not pittys

  7. enohp660 Says:

    @NoxDeadly they’re worthless..

  8. MrDisco937 Says:


  9. Luishazong Says:

    even as puppies their eyes look evil.

  10. timo101ful1 Says:

    the only good shitbull is a dead shitbull,welfare dog…

  11. shanithamitchell Says:


  12. porturoma Says:

    negro tienes una jatazo y unos buenos perros vives como blanco

  13. porturoma Says:

    negro tienes una jatazo y unos buenos perros

  14. NoxDeadly Says:

    @KINGTIGER17 mixed, presa/pit

  15. KINGTIGER17 Says:

    are these pits pure bred or mix

  16. NoxDeadly Says:

    btw these pups r pitbull mixes, not purebred

  17. alexisonfire72 Says:

    @NoxDeadly and the only pit you know a lot is youre bad smell armpit !!

  18. Rylonde Says:

    these are slim pits… but they are pits .. pits have been changed to another level now … but they are both called pits ..some are just genetic freaks lol …
    back in the day the pit that got bread was not the one with the biggest head or most muscle … it was the PITTBULL THAT WON THE FIGHT….small head or big head…
    it is rarely the case now … all these dogs are bread under breeder whim … sucks

  19. ShinkleGunDog Says:

    @boxerbaby You are crazy. Don’t let a game dog off a leash, but a family pet off the leash is fine - as long as it is trained.

  20. killerJatt11 Says:

    Yo have killer pups.

  21. CincereOne Says:

    @mrmanmcdantheflying die? Because I’m against backyard breeders who are not being responsible and ruining the breed. You’re a moron.

  22. CincereOne Says:

    @NoxDeadly the fact that you call these dogs “pits” shows ur lack of knowledge. Fuckin Jigg.

  23. mrmanmcdantheflying Says:

    @CincereOne ur fucking retarded go die somewhere

  24. hellspeaker87 Says:

    Them gonna be some extremely dangerous dogs. You can already see em goin for the throat lol. Presa size with red nose temper? Oh hell nah.

  25. rrhhyysstube Says:

    they are lush man