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How to Pick a Presa Puppy - Sando Can & Nay-Na’s 2011 puppies at 7 weeks old.

August 31st, 2012 by admin in Videos

How to Pick a Presa Puppy - Pointers and Tips. Spanish Champion Sando Can and Hall of Fame Champion Nay-Na’s puppies at 7 weeks old. Spanish Champion Sando Can and Hall of Fame Champion Nay-Na’s 2011 Puppy Video. If you would like information on our presas, on pricing, or any other details, please feel free to call me at 917-453-3226, or email me at Beau Hadden, Bravo Kennel

24 Responses to “How to Pick a Presa Puppy - Sando Can & Nay-Na’s 2011 puppies at 7 weeks old.”

  1. mifamilia0 Says:

    some dogo and presa canarios

  2. Futekihito Says:

    arena means sand , arena color equals sand color , arena doesn’t mean queen , just a positive correction to a very helpful and nice video

  3. MrSag1967 Says:


  4. thegiantpaperpanda Says:

    Wow, they’re so burly already… 

  5. bgreen515 Says:

    Really unusual to see 7 week old pups with ears cropped and healed. Awesome pups. The Presa is the best large breed dog on the planet to me. I’ve got a 9 month old female who loves kids and will protect my son like nothing I’ve ever seen. Not for first time dog owners unless u really study and are willing to learn and teach your dog.

  6. rangers11000 Says:

    i was wondering,would you be willing to export a pup to the UK they are really hard to get here with the papers,and most of them have been crossbread with some other breed somewhere along the line.

  7. blkwtr4now Says:

    Great video and great information thank you for answering questions I had

  8. johnnyfisalive Says:

    how much for a pup?

  9. ralfman5 Says:

    He does have beautiful pups

  10. rpaul247 Says:

    you sir by far have the best quality pups/dogs I’ve seen thus far. I have a question? Does the biggest pup usually end up being the biggest dog?

  11. jdegaz89 Says:

    hey i have a question, they are only 7 weeks but have theyre ears cropped and healed already, how young did you crop theyre ears??? my vet wouldnt do my puppies til 10-12 weeks

  12. MrScottydabody Says:

    How about the temperment of your dogs?

  13. SuperAwsome133 Says:

    Where are you from? Im interested in buying one.

  14. jennitheone Says:

    Puppy teeth just make me laugh so much! they are so awkward looking

  15. aslayton1981 Says:

    i’ve been a boxer lover all my life. but ima tell you my honest opinion. you have the most beautiful puppies i have ever seen.

  16. MrPenetration69 Says:

    What’s ur number im interested in a pup

  17. sedod66 Says:

    i have my douge de boredeaux boy and boerboel girl just now, but one day when they have passed i will get my dream dog of a presa, and after seeing this i will get it from you.

  18. MissCedarbridge1 Says:

    Presa Canario best skills are in a pit fights not on a feild

  19. francisco61261 Says:

    this pups are strictly correct and beautiful!!

  20. sapphireangels7 Says:

    It’s very obvious that you love and care for your babies - I mean puppies - very well!! God bless you!! : )

  21. sapphireangels7 Says:

    These puppies are drop-dead GORGEOUS!!!!!! SO PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!

  22. SINS496 Says:

    please can you give me your email adress?

  23. CAPD055 Says:

    come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on come on


    Hi I have found that ice cubes are way better than raw hides & cheaper too.Thanks for sharing your video w/us.I am thinking of getting that breed.