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Imported Presa Canario Pups

May 31st, 2010 by admin in Videos

*****WEBSITE***** PUPPIES DUE!!! 4/16/2010 Nom du Chien GERO Droamus Male Polish Import 20 Championships in 5 Generations Introducing: GBK Nikola Tesla (Female) Sire GBK Kilo BH, CGC,TDI, IDT3, CAL3, CCF3, DHT, GDT, ATTS tested I DO NOT CLAIM MUSIC

6 Responses to “Imported Presa Canario Pups”

  1. LuckyNinja11 Says:

    I’ve got a 2 year old male and he’s the best dog. He gets along great with other dogs and children and is by far the bravest dog i’ve ever owned!

  2. TopLinePresa Says:

    @wickedblock1 I wanted to let you know we had pups born April 16th 2010 Male is a Polish Import. You can see more info on our website. We are still under construction but you can get and idea. Email us with any info

  3. JUL2758 Says:

    @wickedblock1 By all means, get aPresa !

  4. wickedblock1 Says:

    Wow nice dogs I’ve been trying to decide if I should get a bull mastiff or English bulldogg or better the presa… I really like how the presa r energetic and beautiful fur color how much will they cost for a pupp?

  5. ChandraParker Says:

    BEAUTIFUL Presas!!

  6. lord3imos Says:

    nikola tesla ;P

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