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Imported Presa Canarios

November 11th, 2012 by admin in Videos

My Presas at Play I DO NOT CLAIM MUSIC

24 Responses to “Imported Presa Canarios”

  1. Notorious Jordan Says:

    its so cool, they blend with the grass xD

  2. markw22 Says:

    Can you please post or message me your website? I’m really interested in a puppy. Thanks

  3. dkoriss1 Says:

    Do not comfuse temperament wise the dogo canario with the real presa canario.
    A real presa OWN to be VICIOUS with every body BUT his family, otherwise it is not a presa perhaps is a dogo canario.
    A real presa without hard/sharp/lethal strong temperament should be either eythanized or AT LEAST sterilized.

  4. truestpain Says:

    Are these dogs hard to manage as far as temperment, dominance, ect? I heard they can be tricky to raise?

  5. Hitithardify Says:

    i know its been 4 months since u posted this comment but i owned a canary dog and just because they look satan like doesnt mean they are yeah theyre strong but if theyre vicious thats the owners fault

  6. babybeh00 Says:

    my husband and i have always had neo mastiffs, bulldogs, and akitas. we’ve never had presas. we’re interested in learning more. what is your website?

  7. bangbangshoodoo55 Says:

    really gay music.

  8. Jacob Stallings Says:

    Dogs shouldn’t be purchased. Call 865-724-3843 24hrs a day for info on purebred and papered presas

  9. delarhuc Says:


  10. CRAIGANJOS Says:

    as I was typing the pet blood bank is fantastic way of giving back so if you have a dog between 1-8yo over 25kilo ,good natured then like my dog every 3 months he gives blood around 450ml -last time 600ml but this can save the lives of up too 4 other dogs which is in my opinion a wonderful thing to do - peace be with you

  11. CRAIGANJOS Says:

    hello again I know only too well about the crap and additives that are in canned food (my missus studied pet psychology at college) as I stated before my Presa gets canker though my GSD doesn’t same dry food same enviroment but can you answer me this if your corsi are 6yo or older is there tails cropped? also as I really am not trying to have a dig at your personal choice but can I ask are you a member of the pet blood bank (it’s allover the UK) wonderful thing check out online.

  12. brightlights456X Says:

    Thats just vainity. Would you want you ears cropped?

  13. vegas2990 Says:

    It stinks the UK banned cropping, it gives a number of breeds their character. My Presa is cropped and I think it shows the beautiful lines of their head so much better.

  14. CRAIGANJOS Says:

    lets just agree it’s a choice and if I import a Presa that’s Cropped that’s legal and my choice and if there is no benefit to the dog then there is no loss can I ask are your corsi tales docked???

  15. CRAIGANJOS Says:

    I appreciate how strongly you feel on this matter but my Dog does get canker at least once a year I’m told it could be because he walks to my inside thus walks along walls and hedges or it could be from fields(we have a place in the city and one in the country) we also have a GSD who never gets this and does go to his ears also both dogs are working dog decent great health -but I was only writing what I have read on certain forums and from at least one breeder in person!

  16. Luxamara Says:

    I have one, with long ears is much better, my baby looks so sweet=)

  17. bcbritt7 Says:

    Im sorry but these dogs scare the hell outta me. Something about them just reminds me of hells guard dogs. My friend owns a blue pit bull, and ill take them ANY day over these scary beasts!!!

  18. loveaguinness Says:

    got a presa bitch 8mth old hates all other bitches, great with dogs any ideas?

  19. CRAIGANJOS Says:

    to MrNativeDancer- I do agree that this is a personal choice but please trust me when I say that my dog gets ear infections every 3-6 months even with regular cleaning but Presa’s with cropped ears that I know very rarely suffer from ear infections -Also I’m not the only person to have noticed this..from many mollosser breeders and owners on forums..also when you say nature intended dogs are designer breeds that man has crossed and bred for every purpose..peace be with you!

  20. CRAIGANJOS Says:

    I agree that the uncropped ears are very beautiful as my Presa is uncropped,There has been little research on the benefits of cropped ears but what research has been done actually shows that uncropped dogs tend to collect MORE bacteria from walls.bushes etc as with mine it needs antibacterial ear drops 1-2 a year and this lowers the dogs immunity and affects the dog long term shortening life span,so in conclusion cropped ears actually do benefit the dog in the long term.

  21. GassyBastard Says:

    why would you own this Satan’s dog?

  22. carlosballs Says:

    REALLY REALLY handsome dogs. also their brindle coats are perfect for that dry tall grass. great looking dogs. nice to see them outside running around and not in an apartment or concrete yard. 

  23. albatored Says:

    i cut his throat !!

  24. bgsursound Says:

    Just lost my Presa to cancer. BEST dog I’ve ever owned.Sweet disposition,was my best friend for 10 years. Took him everywhere with me. Love this breed.