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J7’s Cruz, BIPDT and NASDU certified security dog, March 2010

November 12th, 2010 by admin in Videos

J7’s Cruz of 5K Security, 19 month old Perro de Presa Canario. First of his breed to certifiy as a General Purpose Patrol Dog in the UK under both the BIPDT and NASDU. Training for certification conducted at Von Wolf Kennel. Just upped his training OB has suffered a bit will be sorted in the near future.

9 Responses to “J7’s Cruz, BIPDT and NASDU certified security dog, March 2010”

  1. sati5k Says:

    @eastmidsmale73 Hi , i have been known to visit there!! that is where Cruz,s dad and mom live!! j7 kennels!!! thanks Sati5k

  2. eastmidsmale73 Says:

    do you work the Ilkeston area with this dog?

  3. sati5k Says:

    @darrenmiller3333 Hi , Decoy was instructed by me to feed sleeve,as it was done in nasdu certification,you were right in your comments many thanks Sati5k .

  4. sati5k Says:

    @darrenmiller3333 Many thanks for your input and taking the time to reply.
    Yep your right about dogs passing out nasdu and bipdt !! i think my first was in 1997 0r so??!! the piont was that it was the first perro de presa canario, that was double checked by nasdu and bipdt thats all mate.Many thanks Sati5k

  5. darrenmiller3333 Says:

    Good dog, poor Decoy, too much sleeve to mouth and not mouth to sleeve.

  6. darrenmiller3333 Says:

    Sorry but I personally know of many dogs that have quailified as GPP dogs under NASDU and BITBP. I myself qualified with my Dog some 10plus years ago and many of the people I was working with at the time. Assessed by John Humphries for BIPDT and Shaun Leathum for NASDU. That said congrats always good to see professionalism in an industry where there are far too many “Dog Walkers”

  7. strongstuffdoggear Says:

    What a dog!!!

  8. sati5k Says:

    @DelaArena Many thanks Arne i treat your comments with the utmost respect thanks again!!! Sati

  9. DelaArena Says:

    Hello Guys! Nice video thanks for sharing. I like the typ of Cruz! I like working with dogs. I like the reality and I like the proven quality - much more than the theoretical nonsense and the internet stories! Congratulations!!!
    Nice videos and nice dogs - keep it up!
    Best Greetings