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Jag 2yr old female Presa Canario

January 4th, 2012 by admin in Videos

Jag 2 yr old presa…very serious dog! Still an angel with kids and my wife.

9 Responses to “Jag 2yr old female Presa Canario”

  1. HarijanKennels Says:

    ya he did, i told him to be more careful…she was totally green to the work so she was more unpredictable.

  2. winrx1 Says:

    0:28 Almost lost your family jewels, dude…..

  3. HarijanKennels Says:

    i was but i decided to keep her strictly PP…easier on decoys that way, lol. im working on titling a male i have though.

  4. StSimonMartyr Says:

    Thats a Presa right there!!!…title her up man.

    Way to go

  5. HarijanKennels Says:

    Thanks…mostly old Curto stuff on the top (grey de IC through Argos)

  6. HarijanKennels Says:

    She is mainly old Curto stuff…Grey de IC by way of Argos de IC/Rina de IC

    To be honest, the decoy in the vid is pretty seasoned but a dog like Jag can make a lot of guys look green if you aren’t used to her, lol. Tibet is doing great, should be ready for PSA by the end of the summer.

  7. yabodmon Says:

    yea man nice dog great drive whats her bloodline?

  8. justa304 Says:


  9. DerekCrankshaft Says:

    What blood is she down from?
    Someone told me she was pregnant from Kingo from Poland.
    How’s the Tibet dog?

    I see you guys are learning the basics of decoy work like I am.
    Good luck. ; )