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kron presa canario 1 year old.

July 17th, 2010 by admin in Videos

my presa canario sanders kron at 12 months of age. stiil hyper as hell!

3 Responses to “kron presa canario 1 year old.”

  1. typhoon1978 Says:

    great personality, and over all I see he’s very strong…congratulations

  2. nagacanario Says:

    thanks! he’s only about 24 inches at the shoulder about 116 lbs. i’ve wanted one of the short ones fo years. he’s my third presa and by far the best. when i got into presas it was to try to breed great dogs with agility and stable temperment. when i saw ivan de can muc from sanders kennels i said that is what i want. i believe kron exceeds hs grandfather. as far as noah sanders goes he’s a good guy .talk to him yourself don’t listen to the shit talkers. they probably never met him.

  3. desidesidesi Says:

    kron looks amazing. wide chest, good bounce. man, his power is incredible, the amt of dirt he can kick up with his paws, wow… how tall is kron though? where did you get him and can you describe your experience of talking to the breeder…?

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