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Lily and Champion, 04.04.2009 at Västra Hamnen (Malmö) Part 3

October 12th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Lily (perro de presa canario) 24 weeks and Champion (pitbull-amstaff mix) 5 months, playing in Malmös beach area.

2 Responses to “Lily and Champion, 04.04.2009 at Västra Hamnen (Malmö) Part 3”

  1. Naginiiii Says:

    You mean 2xmales or a female&male?
    General rule is ofcthat male and female are a natural couple and therefore will get along much better.
    Male & male is a tough couple, and especially if not kastrated will cause into fights or atleast dominance struggles!

    I say go with male and female and just remember to get them kastrated and neuterd!

    I hope youll get a nice time with them and you are prepared for whats coming!
    Study hard and establish packleadership, that way you get a good relationship!

  2. lilaxey Says:

    hey me again, am gettin two tomorrow, can get two dogs or a bitch an a dog. wats best do u think, dont know wether the two dogs coz they might fight all the time or wot, can u help? would appreciate it.