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Loke the American Bulldog - socializing episode 7

August 16th, 2010 by admin in Videos

We met Denatus in Oslo recently, and Loke played with his two dogs, Aldor (rottweiler) and Diva (boerboel/presa canario).

2 Responses to “Loke the American Bulldog - socializing episode 7”

  1. ninaquero Says:

    Beautiful dogs, and Loke is famous! Reminds me of my dog, Taitu, who was the sweetest being I’ve ever known,I have no videos of him( he died in 1988 at 11 years), just pictures. His mother Huasa was a Bullterrier and his father Pampa an Argentinian Dogo, that is somewhat similar to a white American Bulldog. These breeds have an unfair “savage” reputation, at least here in Argentina; this video shows dogs, like people, mostly act as they’ve been brought up. Congratulations!

  2. Fregra Says:

    Wee Sex Pistols

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