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Molosser Breeds

October 12th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Molosser is a type of large, solidly-built dog comprising several breeds, such as these ones in this video.there is More breeds!

25 Responses to “Molosser Breeds”

  1. queenmothab70 Says:

    thank you for showing a rotti that was not many ignorant people feel the need to crop the tail and sometimes the ears. that is such a barbaric practice. thank you for showing one as God intended

  2. TexasTibetanMastiffs Says:

    @animalcop76 It isn’t only where you live that TMs are rare. They’re rare everywhere, hence the term, ” rare breed.” In China they’re now a national treasure and highly revered. A total 180 from Mao and the gang of 4. I feel blessed in having one and I am getting a male TM pup in a soon to eventually breed with my female. They are both of Tibetan bloodlines and not the dummied down mutated euro lines.

  3. MrTrubshaw Says:

    awesome song artist?

  4. animalCOP76 Says:

    @TexasTibetanMastiffs your very right,i was half drunk when i put this thing together but where i’m from Tibetan mastiffs are hard to come by.

  5. TexasTibetanMastiffs Says:

    These breeds descend from molossars, but the orginal “molossars” are extinct. The Tibetan Mastiff which you didnt even include is the closest the the extinct wild molossar. The breeds in this vid are basically refined hybrids.

  6. coolegast9 Says:

    @animalCOP76 ok sorry ,,

  7. animalCOP76 Says:

    @coolegast9 amstaff is in the terrier group…along with the apbt..

  8. coolegast9 Says:

    where is the amstaff and the pitbull?? i saw a few dogs that arent malossers but yh nice work,

  9. carnypimp Says:

    Great Video! I may soon have a female Cane Corso. My girlfriend and the landlord told me no puppies so I have to get a already house broke dog. Im working on getting one from a lady about an hour away from my house. Im keeping my fingers crossed and if i get her I will make a video of her ASAP!

  10. joaquinR1stargate Says:

    awesome vid , koolz

  11. animalCOP76 Says:

    Oh i bet they are :)
    Thanks for the comment lol

  12. ILuvMyPitbulls Says:

    Cool Dude, my type of dogs. ;) lol

  13. 12345675677 Says:

    that’s ok it’s a good video thank you for sharing :) :) :)

  14. animalCOP76 Says:

    @12345675677 i was so sure i incluced the ovcharka in here.i guess i most of put the akbash here instead lol ooops!

    thanks for commenting

  15. animalCOP76 Says:

    @RpLaIcHzEiT Thank
    you for your comment^^

  16. 12345675677 Says:

    why no Ovcharka’s in the video ?

  17. RpLaIcHzEiT Says:

    Nice video! :)

  18. animalCOP76 Says:

    @99pitbulls Kanglas are legend lol

    there hard to come by i dunno if there is anykennels in canada.

  19. 99pitbulls Says:


    i’ve been searching for a kangal for a year now and i cant find them anywhere here. I dont think theres a better guard dog out there

  20. animalCOP76 Says:

    i know lol

    Thanks for the comment.

  21. animalCOP76 Says:

    i know i want a kangal lol

    Thanks for he comment.

  22. animalCOP76 Says:

    Thanks for the comment!

  23. rufflesworld Says:

    those are some big ass, bad ass doggies!

  24. 99pitbulls Says:

    lots of great breeds

  25. carnypimp Says:

    Good video! Very right and correct!