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my 5 month old Presa Canario. 50 lbs..3GP

February 12th, 2013 by admin in Videos

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11 Responses to “my 5 month old Presa Canario. 50 lbs..3GP”

  1. mifamilia0 Says:

    this is a dogo canario theres a big diference

  2. CDEcarpet Says:

    My Presa gained 10-12 lbs per month until he turned 14 myths or so. He’s at 120 now. 2 yes old.

  3. stubner87 Says:

    is 50 lbs a normal weight for a male presa at 5 months?

  4. kyle thuy Says:

    Wat breeder you get him from?

  5. coach perez Says:

    i cant find a breeder or a kennel, do you know a good place to get a presa? so hard to find where im at

  6. MrDisco937 Says:

    He is 9 mths 85 lbs as of last tues. He’s turning out great. I am very pleased.

  7. da1stcop Says:

    pup looks great. his mask is excellent. he looks like he is going to b very big, wuts his temp like. how big is he now

  8. MrDisco937 Says:

    Thanks! I like comparing the same and ill def. Check out your vids!

  9. mbroekho Says:

    Good looking pup, about the same age as mine. I like to see similar aged pups mature and see where im at on the scale o things. check out my vids if you like. just type in mbroekho
    I saw you posted on the Dogocanarioclub forum also.

  10. MrDisco937 Says:

    He is loose most of the time, but he gets a lil hardheaded!

  11. Christian Voss Says:

    why do you use rope inside?