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My 8 week old Presa Canario

June 26th, 2010 by admin in Videos

A short poor quality film of my 8 week old Presa Canario showing off what she’s learned in her short time here.

10 Responses to “My 8 week old Presa Canario”

  1. ChandraParker Says:

    looks like you can spell and type better in the two years.. Congrats

  2. loverboy456 Says:

    lol i posted that comenttwo years a go and u commented it? thanx tho i guess lol………i 4 got what iwas saying

  3. ChandraParker Says:

    I couldnt even understand your comment.

  4. popedarren Says:

    No. I didn’t want to make her look any more mean than she already does. People will cross the street two and three blocks in advance when they see her coming.

    I wish I would have bobbed her tail, though. I can’t tell you how many times that tail has made me double over in pain… it’s just right at that height and she could hit a ball out of Wrigley with her tail when she’s going spastic from people coming in.

  5. warhead213 Says:

    r her ear croped?

  6. LilBigSHAWN Says:

    Sweet, looks like shes used to the treat routine but still awesome

  7. DobieGal Says:

    Oh my, so little and knows so much already! :)

  8. loverboy456 Says:

    yea the really are and theyler loyal lol err time i come from from work she be so excited she be in her kenal be be tryna whynin f i don t take herout

  9. popedarren Says:

    Hah! Well, don’t let her get meaner! Socialize, socialize, socialize. I would hate for the breed to have any more bad press. They’re so sweet.


  10. loverboy456 Says:

    aww she so cute i got a presa canrio she 5 moutnhs not welll shell be 6 munts in oct lol i misss my canarywhe nwshewas little cuz ow she gettin bigger and meaner

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