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My Doggiess -No to Breed specific legislation

August 30th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Thanks AnimalMedia IF YOU HAVE A DOG WHOSE BREED IS AFFECTED BY BSL, UPLOAD A VIDEO OF YOUR DOG AND POST IT AS A VIDEO RESPONSE TO HOPEFULLY WE CAN ELIMINATE SOME OF THE STEREOTYPES THAT THE FOLLOWING DOGS FACE:American Pit Bull Terrier American Staffordshire Terrier Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bull Terrier (Monticello, Centerville, Alburnett & Hiawatha Iowa) (Grandview MO) (N Little Rock, AR) (KY & WA) Akita (Ulyssas, KS) Alaskan Malamutes (Fairfield, IA) American Bull Dog (North Little Rock, AR) (Aurora CO.)(Akron OH) Belgian Malanois (Fairfield, IA) Boerboels (Fairfield, IA) Cane Corso (Aurora CO) Chow Chow (Travelers Rest, SC), (Newport, RI) (Lynnville, TN) Doberman Pincher (Fairfield, IA) (Sisston, SD), (Westfield, IL), (Travelers Rest, SC) (Lynnville, TN) (Buffalo Center, IA) Dogo Argentino (Aurora CO) English Mastiffs, (Yale, IA) Fila Brasileiro (also known as the Fila, Brazilian Mastiff) (Aurora CO) German Shepard (Fairfield, IA) (Lynnville, TN) Great Danes (Fairfield, IA) Irish Wolf Hounds (Fairfield, IA) Mastiffs (Fairfield, IA) Malamutes (Fairfield, IA) Presa Mallorquin (also known as the Ca De Bou) (Aurora, CO) Presa Canario (Lanett, AL) (Aurora CO) Rottweiler (North Little Rock AR) (Buffalo Grove, ILL) (Fairfield, Conrad, Lake Mills & Lockridge IA) (Walkerton, IN) (Inman, KS) (Carl Junction & Salisbury MO) (Binghamton, NY) (Velva, ND)(Pawtuckett, RI) (Travelers Rest, SC)(Lynnville, TN)(Smithville, UT)(Neah Bay, WA) (Buffalo Center, IA) Scottish

25 Responses to “My Doggiess -No to Breed specific legislation”

  1. PeponeNRC Says:

    @doglover0130 :) Yes i am so proud of having them :P Thank chu lady <33

  2. doglover0130 Says:

    They are soo cute!

  3. gottalovemulder1 Says:

    @PeponeNRC I’m sry for your loss :(

  4. PeponeNRC Says:

    @gottalovemulder1 Hahah <3
    Yes but now i only have the youngest, the other passed away.

  5. gottalovemulder1 Says:

    Awww your shepherds are sooo cute!!!!!

  6. PeponeNRC Says:

    @wgsdluver1 Nightwish - 7 days to the wolves
    Anette Olzon

  7. wgsdluver1 Says:

    who sings this

  8. wgsdluver1 Says:

    Who sings this song??????

  9. PeponeNRC Says:

    @kingofhell1972 Hell yeah

  10. kingofhell1972 Says:

    Great song, and a great post! I’m sick of the government trying to tell us what kind of dogs we can own. I’m an educator, and my wife is a nurse. We are law abiding citizens with well-behaved dogs. Why does our “free” country tell us what breeds we can own? Ban criminals from owning them for the wrong purposes, not upstanding citizens who care for their dogs.

  11. PeponeNRC Says:

    Yes i know what you mean, thats why also adopting pets is a great thing. Most of them are taken from that situations.

  12. KingDoodleify Says:

    First it’s “Get rid of the dangerous breeds.” next it’s “Limit the number of dogs per household.” (I’m serious about this, a lot of places are looking into reducing the number of dogs per house hold to 5 or 3. Why? Because some won’t keep their dogs quite or clean up after them. Though the whole collecting them is also an excuse.) Instead of inforcing old laws, they have to create new ones that will fail and strip us of our rights.

  13. PeponeNRC Says:

    @XxDeathXxXAngel13xX :) Thanks

  14. XxDeathXxXAngel13xX Says:

    beautiful dog(s) ;-)

  15. PeponeNRC Says:

    :P I think the same xD

  16. Maul767 Says:

    i love your gsds as i own them my self they are the best dog in the world

  17. JuanNRC Says:

    OMFG black & Merlin :O

  18. PeponeNRC Says:

    Ow yeaaaa! <3
    Keep up the great work!
    From proud GSD owner.

  19. mnnole Says:

    Thank you for taking a position on this and making a statement that we can all follow. I’ll be sure to make and upload a video in response as well. I will also link it to a letter to my congressman and legislator. Let the people whom make the laws know the true breed thay want to outlaw. Please allow me to use this link to them as well.
    Proud GSD owner.

  20. PeponeNRC Says:

    Yes and not only shepards, you could make her see some sweet videos about pits, and talk about it, because we know it is not right.

  21. DrPepperandOreos Says:

    My Mom is one of those who is “Yes!” To breed specific legislation, because even though she has never met one she thinks pit bulls are terrible. Thing is, she doesn’t believe me when I say that if they ban Pits, they’ll more than likely ban German Shepherds as well. She loves Shepherds, grew up with several of them.

    Beautiful dogs BTW, I loved that first one with the floppy ear at the door. He was like “Why am I out here? Either you come out here, or I’m going in.”

  22. germanshepherdluva Says:

    omg your soo lucky! i love them :)

  23. WolfBlaezPast Says:

    ^_^ You have reeally nice shepherds

  24. VFauxus Says:

    hehe very nice! Your dogs are beautiful.

  25. PeponeNRC Says:

    Hello :) Nice name. Yea i lomy dogs to <3
    Well the younger is called Black an has 6
    and the other is called Merlin and has 9

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