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My dogs just hangin out.

October 21st, 2010 by admin in Videos

6 month old 83lbd Presa Canario and my 95 lb French Mastiff relaxing in the back yard.

4 Responses to “My dogs just hangin out.”

  1. MrDisco937 Says:

    Oh ok, mine were very similar. Dad is 140ish and mom around 115. Your male is growing Quick though. 85 already is nice. My Sancho is 65.

  2. mbroekho Says:

    @MrDisco937 His dad is around 145 and his mom about 100lbs.

  3. MrDisco937 Says:

    How big were his parents? Looks identical to my pup.

  4. jetmax30 Says:

    you enspired me to want a presa more than i did before….