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My presa canario and german shepherd

March 7th, 2012 by admin in Videos

10 Responses to “My presa canario and german shepherd”

  1. milda2824 Says:

    @mmilos11 My presa canario is from Curto blood lines.Check google!

  2. milda2824 Says:

    @erich1313sch Thank you!

  3. erich1313sch Says:

    beatiful dogs, that german shepherd is really big and robust and the presa has a beatiful colour,, you have two beatiful dogs there!

  4. mmilos11 Says:

    you own the dog and you do not know that he is not a presa canario!!!That is Boerboel or some kind of mastiff mix..check google ..presa canario looks totally different

  5. milda2824 Says:

    @2web2 Thank you!!

  6. 2web2 Says:

    Gerat dogs you have!

  7. 1981berkin Says:

    german shepherd

  8. danthedude89 Says:

    your presa looks like a bullmastiff
    pretty dogs

  9. fool50 Says:

    Gorgeous dogs, I had a lot of fun watching them play.

  10. Billabongs122988 Says:

    very handsome gsd but that presa is so strong.