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My Presa Canario and my litle sister’s Chihuahua’s

January 25th, 2013 by admin in Videos

Just a video of a Presa with Chihuahuas walking around until it finds a pigs ear (Dog Candy;)) And the chihuahua owner of the ear captures it back:) Maybe i’ll add some music in the backround later, but for now it’s it original sound from a canon photo cam that was used to record. The Presa Canario is Oris De Irema Curto.

5 Responses to “My Presa Canario and my litle sister’s Chihuahua’s”

  1. ryan west Says:

    most presas would kill a chihuahua

  2. doggylover893 Says:

    I have a presa too!! His name is ghost!! Hes going to be 3 in december!! Love ur presa though. nice color ;)

  3. yabodmon Says:

    who was the sire and dam for this dog ? thank you

  4. Freciara Says:

    A.M.A.S.I.N.G Presa! 8D

  5. capechick1228 Says:

    I would be very afraid to leavy my chihuahua with a Presa Canario.