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My Presa canario Bandog.

September 9th, 2012 by admin in Videos

Enjoy. He is 8 weeks old, weighs 31lbs, and stands 14inches tall.

15 Responses to “My Presa canario Bandog.”

  1. DougDeGrave Says:

    Looks like my dog, except for the white flash on the face. Mine’s 5yrs old now, weighs 105lbs.

  2. granturismoking Says:

    You really think so? What people in EL PASO TEXAS got REAL GAME DOGS??????NOBODY. Come to my house. i am waiting.

  3. granturismoking Says:

    You really think so? Explain to me why there is NO OTHER COPY. WHy there is no other videos. Fucking stupid ass. I asked ANYBODY who doesn’t beleive me go to my house. I live in El Paso texas.

  4. granturismoking Says:

    Wait a second. You don’t even know what a game dog looks like. I have been busy making something just for you, and all the haters.

  5. granturismoking Says:

    Staffs started in the uk, not pitbulls. A staff is averaging 25lbs in the uk, pits average 45lbs. Big difference. Pits are long legged, staffs are stockier

  6. granturismoking Says:

    I have sent you PEDIGREES, I don’t need to show videos. Don’t be jealous because you can never get one. You don’t even know what a game dog is.

  7. granturismoking Says:

    First off, I am barely on for 20 minutes, unlike you who spends 1-4 hours a day on it. Secondly, It didn’t take me a whole month to post up the vid. Just quit whining like little bitches. qst1001, you are just like all other englishmen, acting like you know so much when you don’t. and your little buddy jake, who acts like he knows game dogs when he never even seen one inperson, are idiots. I claim what i am. I offered the proof. I showed the proof.

  8. granturismoking Says:

    You are still a fucking dumbass. I do own dogs. I don’t own little fucking curs. I Actually have a job and things to do instead of wasting time on youtube like a dumbass living off of welfare.

  9. granturismoking Says:

    S wait, you are that poor? They have digital cameras for $10. Pathetic. I only paid 200 for a hd camera.

  10. RayRox17 Says:

    Dogs aren’t even supposed to be fighting dumbass…Anyways if they were a Rotty would totally woop your dogs ass….

  11. granturismoking Says:

    Show a video of it now.

    I wouldn’t be calling it a mutt, as cane corsos are some really fucked up mutts. NO bite, slow, can’t fight. Pathetic.

  12. granturismoking Says:

    Post up videos of you dog right now or shut the fuck up. That simple.

  13. granturismoking Says:

    So you are saying I stole this? From where? Just like my other video, from where? Byt the way, apparently Youtube took kurdishrubad copy of my video down. Not surprising.
    In order to even be considered an expert, you have to have experience in owning the dog. YOu have none, the so called” experts” have none, adn so do all other bullshitters.

  14. granturismoking Says:

    Why would i keep posting videos of a dog you guys wish you could own? Do you even own a dog? Post up videos of your dogs. I have.

    Plus, there is a guy out here who gets the kangals imported. He breeds them. You can get one, but I don’t want to raise you hopes.

  15. fordgt550 Says:

    JAKE WHERE YOUR DOGS???????????????