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My Presa Canario Ryka

December 5th, 2011 by admin in Videos

This is Ryka,my 10mo old presa canario.. Pics span her life so far.. More video’s will follow..

7 Responses to “My Presa Canario Ryka”

  1. sedod66 Says:

    i have a young brindle boerboel female and its crazy how much she looks like a presa just now. a few people asked me in the street if she was a presa and if i didnt know better myself id have thought so too. cant wait to actually own one.

  2. phillipsqazxsw Says:

    nice dog.i’m getting a pup on september 3rd.fawn with black mask and i cant is your dog doing now?

  3. onearmedman88 Says:

    Actually Taud… My presa is UKC registered champion bloodline presa. She is not a mixbreed and I think you should know more about the subject before you post on something…

  4. vickycivil Says:

    very nice dog!!!!bravo!very nice colour.check out mine too!!—->check my account or type loco presa canario and you will find it

  5. Taud Says:

    That presa’s face is too long to be considered “pure bred” but i quite like the bull mastiffs with the longer faces even if they are mixed, less drooly and droopy….

  6. zzhn Says:

    songs ?

  7. Canarito1989 Says:

    saludos from the canary Islands