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Our Presa Canario and Malinois

May 30th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Our dogs playing at home… Ria, Judo, Belka, Lada, Lot, and Dangermouse

9 Responses to “Our Presa Canario and Malinois”

  1. waitandbleed17 Says:

    This is what Presa is all about. Its such a shame that such beautiful breed is being misunderstood.

  2. playinginamist Says:

    lol!! What a CUTIE! You threw the ball and she was lookin up, waiting all happy… I <3 mallys!!! I will get one soon. I had a Dutch Shepherd, they’re awesome too :) Beautiful, happy dogs! Good video!

  3. amstaffer Says:

    Ria is just beautiful. She is just perfect IMHO

  4. vladimirm5 Says:

    The best presa kennel in the world!!! I have learned a LOT about protection dogs from the articles on their website. Thank you Red Star!!! The ONLY place I would ever send my dog for training of any kind.
    BTW, who are the other presa male and female in the video? I have recognized Ria and Judo, but I haven’t seen the other two on your website. Beautiful animals!!!

  5. MoshotheSpear Says:

    :28-:44 was priceless. Good vid of dogs living a pretty good dog life.

  6. redstarpresa Says:

    Thank you.

  7. FourthObelisk Says:

    Real nice presas. They move like their 50 lbs. Im impressed

  8. primolilla Says:

    Hanging out at its best!!

  9. PitBullLeri Says:

    LOVE your dogs!

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