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Perro de Presa Espanol Alano Canario

June 27th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Young female doing Protection-Work verry well, like every “De la Arena” dogs…

4 Responses to “Perro de Presa Espanol Alano Canario”

  1. JUL2758 Says:

    Very nice Presa. I have a 6 month female.

  2. Drs2288 Says:

    Very nice dog

  3. dogbreedforum Says:

    Nice video, I’ve added it to our forum

  4. exbourne Says:

    Very Nice Presas You have.I adopted one..She is awesome Just a family dog.
    I have a question.On Most protection videos I have seen the guy with the arm sleeve has a stick.
    The dog hits the arm nice.But i have never seen a training to prevent the bad guy from using the stick.
    Any Information I would thank you.

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