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Pit Bull + Presa Canario Playtime

August 1st, 2012 by admin in Videos

Noah & Judah’s toys came in the mail today =) So many choices so little time!! Judah is a 16 week old Presa Canario

5 Responses to “Pit Bull + Presa Canario Playtime”

  1. buaidhnobasAPBT Says:

    OMG so many toys. My APBT and Presa Canario would have a ball at your place. Though, they really only want whatever toy the other one has lol :p. Cute pups :)

  2. PresaJudah1121 Says:

    Part 3 manage them….. if we both had to leave and goto work I probably wouldn’t have gotten the Presa. If you put enough time into them they are the most WONDERFUL dogs. I love them to death! Anyways I hope I helped. Like I said, every dog is different. 2 adolescent bullys are going to be a handful!!! Let me know if I can help with anything else!

  3. PresaJudah1121 Says:

    This is part 2 lol So read the other comment 1st =) To think that you’re going to have 2 Bully Breeds that never ever have a fight is naive. They get in bad moods just like we do. So you have to do everything you can to lessen the chances of it happening… and if it does happen they’ll be manageable. Without proper training it would be very difficult to break up a Pit/Presa fight. It’s definitely not easy so I’d really think about it. My fiance and I both work from home so we can

  4. PresaJudah1121 Says:

    They get along great on a daily basis. Neither dogs are food aggressive. It’s important to remember that no 2 dogs are the same. You have to understand the bully breeds and have to accept things about them. They play very rough so they always have to be watched so it doesn’t escalate. They need A LOT of training from day one and that’s not something that should be taken lightly. As puppies they should immediately be enrolled in puppy class for proper socialization.

  5. ATaker7 Says:

    so Noah and Judah, i love both pitbulls & presa canarios. How do they get along on a daily basis? How is feeding time? like do you feed them seperately? because i know i’m getting a family pitbull puppy from a family pitbull no fighting at about a month old when my brother breeds her. & i also have a small dog, but i was wanting to get a presa too? can you please answer these thanks btw my pitbull shall be a female