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October 18th, 2010 by admin in Videos American Pit Bull Terrier vs. Rottweiler

9 Responses to “PIT BULL vs. ROTTWEILER - BRAND NEW!!!”

  1. RTWUROTTS Says:

    Cute Video .

  2. JustMeAdrianna Says:

    I’ve got an 8 month old rottweiler and my boyfriend has a 9 month old pittbull, omg it’s the funniest thing in the world to watch them play!!! my dog is like 3 times the size of his even though he’s younger, he just swats her around lol. loved your video :) major props since those are my favorite breeds!!!

  3. 1960Mel Says:

    That is how Pits are supposed to be with ALL puppies!

  4. wgary321 Says:

    so pretty u should watch out play with the rottweiler or it can kill worse than a pitt i think

  5. wowyutool Says:

    i like thth puppy :D

  6. housinparkour Says:

    whats the name of song

  7. luveydovey93 Says:

    Awww! <3

  8. Piedonepapa Says:

    cuteeeeeeeee ^^

  9. bigOLbootie Says:

    cute pup 2