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Pitbull Fight!

September 11th, 2010 by admin in Videos

My two Pitbulls play fighting in the garage. The red is the son and the blue dog is his mother.

5 Responses to “Pitbull Fight!”

  1. KrazieGirl4eva Says:

    there playing u could tell

  2. Chris4Ibra Says:

    They are beautiful and happy dogs! nice

  3. mikeymartin80 Says:

    there badass bra

  4. Redbull357 Says:

    He tries to be dominant but the blue one puts him in his place if he gets out of line… He’s calmed down more now, that was when he was 6 months old…

  5. hellonearth94 Says:

    why is the red oen humping? is it a sign of dominance

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