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Presa and wasps ;)

September 9th, 2010 by admin in Videos Funn side of Kingo ;) Wasp killer ;)

13 Responses to “Presa and wasps ;)”

  1. mgbrawl Says:

    thanks, actually just decided to get a boerboel now over the presa. maybe in a few years…

  2. twangfk Says:

    my bitch is quite for the most part. she a very good pertective dog and they do shed a lil bit would trade her for another breed in the world. check me out on my space goodfellas kennels

  3. mgbrawl Says:

    what are presa’s like around the house? considering getting one, only answer if ur a owner please…

  4. oogolixoo Says:

    I know…must’ve just been a puppy thing for mine I guess.

  5. TopLinePresa Says:

    Presa tails are SUPPOSED to be up.
    Except in new unfamilar places when they tuck it.

  6. saraharoundtheworld Says:

    Este perro es un “Presa Canario” de Canarias (España) pero actualmente se conoce como “Dogo Canario”

    Es muy fiel y un excelente perro de guardia :)

  7. oogolixoo Says:

    I know it is! I never said it wasn’t, sigh…

    My presa started holding his tail high most of the time too as he got older :).

  8. DobieGal Says:

    Come on guys… that’s NOT an AmBull or AmBull-mix… it’s purebred PERRO DE PRESA CANARIO.

  9. oogolixoo Says:

    The facts I posted:

    1. His Presa holds his tail up like an AmBull-True, I’m not saying it isn’t a Presa.

    2. My Presa lets his tail hang down when not wagging-True.

    My facts were right, the rest was opinion.

  10. presatito Says:

    A presa characteristic is to have a tail held high like a sabre. Your facts aren’t right.

  11. oogolixoo Says:

    looks abit like a presa/ambull cross :D. i have an ambull/rot cross, and a presa, yours has the size of my presa, but the tail naturally curves up like my ambull/rot cross, my presas tail is usualy down, but when he wags its straight out perpendicular to the ground. anyway, nice dog ;)

  12. FrequentlyFried Says:

    lolol my dog does the same

  13. Atenea79 Says:

    Großes Beispiel des modernen dogo canario. Es ist zu dem traditionellen zutreffenden presa canario sehr unterschiedlich

    très différent du véritable traditionnel de Presa Canario chien.

    Esempio grande del Dogo Canario moderno.. È molto differente dal vero Presa Canario tradizionale.

    Eemplo grande de moderno Dogo Canario. Es mucho diferente a verdadero Presa Canario de la Tradición.

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