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Presa Canario and a Pit Bull Pup at play

September 30th, 2011 by admin in Videos

Our Presa Canario (140 pounds), Pebbles, and our newest addition to our family DOG, a Pit Bull pup (20 pounds) are at play in our living room.

6 Responses to “Presa Canario and a Pit Bull Pup at play”

  1. ColleenSoehnlein Says:

    @countthunder They get along like peas and carrots! There is about a hundred pounds difference - but they are marked like twins. Both are gentle and loving!

  2. countthunder Says:

    Hello, what beautiful dogs you have! I was wondering, I have read that Presas are not very welcoming dogs to new animals to the house ie. new puppies etc. Did you have any issues when you got your Pit? Did your presa become jelous at all? Judging by the looks of it no, but just curious because I have done some reading on these dogs because I would like to get one eventually!

  3. Shushit55 Says:

    Where did you get them? I love how the brindle on both of them came out. Just beautiful!

  4. ColleenSoehnlein Says:

    @jaimeone1 Yes, VERY good with kids. Great family dog!

  5. jaimeone1 Says:

    The presa seems gental… are they good with kids?

  6. pitbull0592 Says:

    nice dog can you check out the vid of my presa puppies