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Presa Canario and Pitbull squaring off

June 17th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Chico and Tyson showing off. Male ego I guess….

25 Responses to “Presa Canario and Pitbull squaring off”

  1. TheCaneCorso Says:

    let that presa pick with a cane corso and watch what happen

  2. MissCedarbridge1 Says:

    thats not a pitbull

  3. cgm12341 Says:

    My family we breed in st.louis we have a myspace page and pitpulls an’t shit. They pass pitbull hieght at 5 to 6 month now an’t that crazy.

  4. jakdask8tr Says:

    @cgm12341 So you mean Presa Canarios are the shit.If u do than u r correct

  5. cgm12341 Says:

    pit pulls stand down presa canroios is the shit

  6. rostine1980 Says:

    @TheMightykaz. …do I really have to spell everything correctly? OK, can’t,someone,are,you,fucking,because,be. Does that make you feel any better? Do you feel like you did a good job at your 9 to 5 as a officer at the department of spelling and grammar? Good day to you….officer douche bag!

  7. TheMightykaz Says:

    @rostine1980 Learn how to speak english and spell. I wish you could understand how ignorant you sound. You always have some idiot talking about fighting.

  8. rostine1980 Says:

    @MrKasnas HA HA HA HA………..HA german shepards kant fight! come on…if i hear some1 else talk about how bad their gsd is im gonna take a dump on their front step. gsd’s r used for gaurding and some police work. they kant fight or u would see them in the box….but u dont cuz they kant! if i had a fuckin dallor every time some douche brought there gsd to a match and left withn them dead i would b filthy fuckin rich…..GSD’s = great gaurd dogs,,,bad fighting dogs

  9. MrKasnas Says:

    both of them ugly , aggressive , stupid dogs…. german shepherd rules!!!! mind and strength together

  10. missionkid Says:

    you cant put dogs fighting on youtube but you can put cats and wild animals killing each other on youtube even a lion killing some lion cubs fucking peta

  11. coopers204 Says:

    well should make it SERIOUS and then post the video of those 2 dogs play fighting

  12. MrM4lik Says:

    Thanx. It was just fun. Nothing serious.

  13. Rokko8931 Says:


  14. 182popeye Says:

    u got it the other way around not ‘my’ momma but ‘ures’. nd u might b one of those chalenged persons..ryt?

  15. hotchillieszz Says:

    Ooh, talking about you’re momma like that, must make you a man.

    What would you know about being constructive? we sometimes forget that there are “challenged” persons in this world who find these things to be difficult.

  16. 182popeye Says:

    ure this…ure that….gosh re a little fukin kid. ask ure mom she’ll tell ya how i am…

  17. 182popeye Says:

    i aint bothered abou ma english u twat…ure a little kid…stop looking for attention. i know ure momma dont love u nd she loves me but thats life….now shut up nd do sumfing constructive.

  18. hotchillieszz Says:

    You’re typing like a ghetto piece of gutter trash. You are sour and senile. Your a loathsome disease, a drooling inbred cross-eyed toesucker.

    You’re a putrescent mass, a walking vomit. Your a spineless little worm deserving nothing but the profoundest contempt. You are a jerk, a cad, and a weasel.

    Your dogs couldn’t even pick up a stick on command, you’re that useless, worth less than a bag of rotten vagina blood.

  19. hotchillieszz Says:

    You can’t even speak English properly, let alone think you know everything about dogs. As i will say again, if you cant handle the fact that German shepherds and Rottweilers are much more versatile, just go juggle some pin-less grenades you pale-faced sour vomit. “ure mom or ure granny” “you’re a low lyf…u need 2 get a lyf” HAHAHAHA, do you have down syndrome or something, you little cum-burping slut.

  20. 182popeye Says:

    you’re a low lyf…u need 2 get a lyf, u need medical attention.. i bet ure th neglegte child who’s looking for attention and is desperate for conversation..if u dont like the dog then fuk off out of here…go sniff sum1 elses bum.

  21. 182popeye Says:

    hotchilleiseszz dont feel sorry 4 my dogs they r as happy as can b. i dont raise them like humans. dogs r dogs nd should b treated ad kept as dogs. nd hu r u 2 say that im a crap owner? ure filthy, ure disgusting, ure an attention seeking ugly asshole looking like american bastard..

  22. 182popeye Says:

    hotchillieszz i dnt give a shit wot happened in usa and if those 2 females were ure mom or ure granny…..i aint thinkin that they r agressive by nature i know it and not all dogs are capable of doin certain damage u talkin shit

  23. hotchillieszz Says:

    you’re a complete backyard mutt, popeye.

  24. hotchillieszz Says:

    Also, popeye, i feel sorry for any dogs that you are raising, because i bet you treat them like filth, i bet you have them chained up all day. Just the way you stereotype them to be, you’re a pathetic non-responsible owner. You’re filthy, you’re a parasite. You are a strain of bacteria living in a deceased animals anus.

  25. hotchillieszz Says:

    popeye, you’re that full of shit, it’s just spilling out of you. In 2005, presas were added to the “ban list” after one or two deaths were recorded in the USA when one or two females were killed by presas.

    You’re stereotyping the breed in such a way that you think their aggressive and violent by nature. Which is definitely a load of bullshit, every dog is capable of being violent and vicious dependent on how they are raised and trained, you walking vomit.

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