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Presa Canario Attacked by Wild Dogs

September 15th, 2011 by admin in Videos

We were walking along sunnyside beach in Toronto when some savage daogs attacked Razor my Presa Canario. There were about 8 other dogs that luckily didn’t get involved or me and Razor would have been done for!

25 Responses to “Presa Canario Attacked by Wild Dogs”

  1. dustinnop Says:

    the presa canario did not live long after this hug attack

  2. plaebslayer Says:

    @RazorRedPresa Hey thats awesome man, Fiji is beautiful and as good a place as ever for a honeymoon or wedding, should really go to the Yasawa islands even if youre single just backpacking. Take sunblock! lol

  3. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @plaebslayer Wow Fiji!!! Must be nice! That’s where I’ve always wanted to take my future wife for a honeymoon!

  4. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @plaebslayer It’s nice to have a purebred but regardless a dogs loyalty and character is what’s important! Sounds like an interesting mix by the way, I like both breeds.

  5. plaebslayer Says:

    I own 7 dogs and 5 pups but theyre all mongrels, mostly ridgebacks mixed with german shepherds, wish I had a dog like this…

  6. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @LoveSnuffles lol ya my sister has a little Chinese Crested who acts tough whenever he’s with Razor he’ll bark at other dogs like he saying “what are you looking at? You got a problem?” lol, oh and these pussies crying and whining about their phobias are pretty ridiculous to say the least, peace to you and yours.

  7. TheAchoron Says:

    hahaha pussy chichuahua

  8. LoveSnuffles Says:

    Other than the occasional fag that has to post some shit about how evil dogs are, this is a great video! Lol, really shows the wonderful personalities presas have. Poor Razor, looks like he had to battle for his life right there! Lol. My female presa absolutely loves my sister’s chihuahua. They’re best buddies because the chihuahua brings her lots of bones when she gets out the fence lol.

  9. hammer555551 Says:

    @RazorRedPresa Wait ’til your BASTARD-CHILD is mauled by your presa!!! HA!HA!HAH! That ugly little bastard’s face will look like hamburger. He’s gonna end up like that lady that got mauled by the big, crazy chimp in Connecticut!! LMAOI!! Come on fucker, let’s hear more of your buullshit, you faggot!! Big dog man, bigshot, tough-guy with a deadly animal. Makes you look tough, doesn’t it huh faggot!!

  10. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @hammer555551 Well they already have laws against brother and sisters fucking but it obviously didn’t stop your parents and the law didn’t prevent your fathers late night visits to your bed either so go ahead lobby for that law if you like. The owner of that dog was abusive and trained it to kill why don’t you learn how to read you stupid fuck face. Reading involves comprehension as well, but I guess that’s the results of home schooling by your redneck dad!

  11. hammer555551 Says:

    @RazorRedPresa Another kid 4 years old killed yesterday by a bastard dog like yours in NY. Fucking no-good mother-fuckers. They should pass a law outlawing those bastard dogs. Fuckers like you will never give them up willingly.

  12. hammer555551 Says:

    @RazorRedPresa Blah, blah, blah, more of your bullshit. Hey, bottom line is you’re a bastard for having a dog like that…end of story. You’re trying to show that you’re tough, that’s why you have a dog like that. You’re basically an insecure guy, trying to compensate for your lack of power. I hope that dog turns on you, or your family members and rips you up, it happens every day with those fucking dogs. Go fuck yourself loser, and clean up your Presa’s shit, ’cause your house stinks.

  13. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @hammer555551 You sound like a 14 year old that gets the shit slapped out of him everyday and is terrified of everything especially dogs. If you aren’t then obviously that was your past, but you’re a real tough guy now beating up people in handcuffs and shooting dogs, probably a child molester on top of it, what sad sack of shit you are.

  14. hammer555551 Says:

    @RazorRedPresa I beat the shit out of faggots like you, but I got away with it. There were no cam-corders then or Youtube. Lucky for me because I would have gotten in trouble for slapping suckers-of-cock like you, to the ground. I would have also shot your dog. I don’t like fags with dogs. You would have been brutalized.

  15. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @hammer555551 LOL used to be a cop until you got your face smashed in trying to arrest a transvestite prostitute and then got laughed of the force. What kind of man freezes up at mere sight of a dog, even if it does bite big fucking deal, take the bite then break it’s neck you pussy face faggot

  16. hammer555551 Says:

    @RazorRedPresa Yes, I don’t trust fucking dogs, the fuckers can bite in a heart-beat. I have a big package, and they could lunge at it. I was a cop, you faggot, I’d kill your dog in a heart-beat if I had my gun on me, you cunt-mouth. Go rub your dog’s stomach and pick up it’s shit, you social outcast. I’ll laugh some day when we read the stinking presa turned on your 7 year old, and ripped his face off. Then we’ll see how tough you are GSP.

  17. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @hammer555551 What a fucking moron you are, lots of animals have killed people why don’t you go hunt them down as well? You may as well you’ve got nothing else to do in life, lol you’d end up killed on your first hunt stooge.

  18. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @hammer555551 LOL I can tell you’re the type of pussy that either crosses the street or freezes up out of fear when you see a dog. Maybe if you got your broke pussy self out of the trailer park you’d meet lots of successful people who own dogs, well you’d see them anyway It’s obvious you lack the social skills required to interact with any half normal person that isn’t inbred and living off government hand outs.

  19. hammer555551 Says:

    @RazorRedPresa You think you’re tough with your Presa?? Two of them fuckers killed a lady in San Francisco. I would like to shoot your dogs with a 12 gauge, with buckshot, and then cut their heads off, and leave them on your porch.

  20. hammer555551 Says:

    @RazorRedPresa No, you’re wrong faggot. First of all, dogs bite a lot of people every year. Secondly I hate when I see a dog shitting someplace. You’re a fucking queer to have dogs. You’re lonely, and have no human friends. All the people I know that have dogs are fucking fat, ugly, or odd-balls. You have to be to have a shitting, smelly, pissing, hairy, animal in your house. I bet your house is dirty, and smells. I never go to anybody’s house that has animals, the filthy losers. You suck cock.

  21. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @hammer555551 You like mouthing off then blocking people, pfft that’s a fucking faggot move if I’ve ever seen one. You’re probably bitter towards dogs because one bit your little dick off after you tried to fuck it you worthless scumbag!

  22. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @Hombrepeta Thanks brotha.

  23. Hombrepeta Says:

    Nice dog and very friendly good job raising it

  24. hammer555551 Says:

    Stinking, shitting dogs. Those fucking pigs should not be allowed on ANY beach. Why do so many of you faggots own dogs!!

  25. kchristj Says:

    what an amazing and beutiful presa,nice vid!!