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Presa Canario - Courage Tests - Ch. King Size

June 20th, 2011 by admin in Videos

Kingo during courage tests I and II

25 Responses to “Presa Canario - Courage Tests - Ch. King Size”

  1. ItsAnAllusion Says:

    When I train my dogs I put them in real life situations. The bite suit is under the clothes so it looks like my decoy doesn’t have one on. The dog can’t think that the only thing he can attack is a bite suit. I also have the decoy run towards me in an aggressive manner and I GIVE THE WORD for my dog to attack. I have children playing in my house all the time, children play aggressively, especially the boys, would you trust your dog not to bite them in confusion? Don’t train wrecklessly.

  2. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @daniela4u1 LOL I forgot all about that conversation, yes it was a bit vulgar but entertaining none the less. Happy New year to you and yours.

  3. daniela4u1 Says:

    i think for an ordinary woman is very hard to have a dog like this…i think needs physical and mental power to dominate such beasts.

  4. daniela4u1 Says:

    @RazorRedPresa omg,its like a bad theatre here,this post turned into a vulgar dialog between you

  5. yabodmon Says:

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  6. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @yabodmon Swipe??? LOL the only thing you swipe is Kraft Dinner to feed your welfare mom and crack baby siblings. I’m not even close to being from the middle east but by the way you talk you’re probably one of those white trash wiggers that wear exco and have a ponytail on top of your head with the sides shaved. Meet me at Treasures Saturday night, tell the door man you wanna watch a movie you fucking goof. You should be able to panbhandle some bus fare by then.

  7. yabodmon Says:

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  8. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @yabodmon ya, ya, ya let me know when you scrape up the bus fare and where you wanna meet you fucking rat goof.

  9. yabodmon Says:

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  10. yabodmon Says:

    @RazorRedPresa your pretty good urself with the responding u cunt fuck.. just by the looks of ur fagget ass i know one thing id crack ur skull in three diff places …i eat pussys like u ahahaha .. u think ur tough shyt over the net .. when it comes down to it ill kill u man u have no idea what ur sayin .. take a breath man and next time ill be sure to reply within the next hour queer …u remind me of a bitch! shut the fuck up trani

  11. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @yabodmon look back and read goof you’re the shit talker, I’m resonding to your bullshit. I’d love to do something more productive like cracking your skull open you fucking rat goof. Bod mon pffft what a wanna be, fake ass punk.

  12. yabodmon Says:

    @RazorRedPresa why dont u get a life and stop talkin shit over the internet .. stop being a tough guy and get a life u homo bitch.. stop writing on my chjannel and stop replying to my comment when that have nothin to do with u… so get that dick outta ur ass and find somthin more productive to do with ur time.. u keyboard nija

  13. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @yabodmon They’re running a responsible business that won’t deal with crackheads from the ghetto that can hardly afford to feed themselves let alone a 140 lbs dog. You’re going to have this dog in a 2 bdrm subsidized unit that your family of 6 share with 2 different species of cockroaches? What about training and exercise can you pull your lame ass away from your computer and crack pipe long enough to make sure the dog is of healthy mind and body? I doubt it you fucking goof!

  14. yabodmon Says:


  15. 999souljaboy Says:

    @TheGameBreedPit not really mt friend

  16. TheGameBreedPit Says:

    @999souljaboy yeah but I basic mines on facts which can be proven

  17. 999souljaboy Says:

    @TheGameBreedPit true every1 has their own opinions

  18. TheGameBreedPit Says:

    @999souljaboy no pits are but you can believe what you want

  19. 999souljaboy Says:

    presas are the best

  20. gjetodoraci Says:

    neece da pusti

  21. JOHNNAT29 Says:

    i thought presa was cattel dog first then fighting dog but who cares the breed is good as long as owner is good

  22. kevsbits1980 Says:

    mastiff, terrier…… there is a big differance.

  23. Freciara Says:

    Are you stupid or do you just act like that?

    1st “Pitbull” is not a Breed you stupid.
    2nd Presas aren’t “pit-fighting dogs”, they are Guard dogs, a “true” A.S.T. or A.P.B.T won’t harm a human in any damn way bc they were bred to fight dogs and not humans so they had to be friendly , if they weren’t they just got a bullet in their head. That’s how they bred “pitbulls” 100 years ago. Your back yard bully pig is a thing to be ashamed of! -Go back to school will you.

  24. mhrreplicacarbon Says:

    The Pitbull isn’t called ‘the TRUE bulldog’ by dogmen for no reason stupid. It wasn’t bred for fighting since the original breeding was started for Bullbaiting. Bullbaiting, outlawed in 1835 same as dogfighting, was the reason for breeding the pitbull. The fact that ít’s called a pitbull is because in the pit it is where it had most time showing of it’s skill.

  25. mhrreplicacarbon Says:

    You’re absolutely right. Don’t worry about TheGameBreedPit, he’s walking his backyard bred pit on the street while telling himself they are ‘ready’. Clearly he doesn’t know the breedhistory of the dog he owns, APBT, since he thinks they ‘originally’ were bred for fighting so for sure he doesn’t know a damn thing about the Presa Canario.