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Presa Canario / Dogo Canario spanische Dogge Working Protection IPO Schutzhund Training

July 11th, 2011 by admin in Videos

Hampa de la Arena, during some Training sessions. Protection Work / Schutzhunde Training Breeding highperformance Presas out of real working lines: Tel.: 0049/(0)5167/345 From USA: 01149/5167/345

25 Responses to “Presa Canario / Dogo Canario spanische Dogge Working Protection IPO Schutzhund Training”

  1. pitbullaustralia Says:

    Great looking dogs,nice and tough !

  2. RELOCOgiu Says:

    in time 3:40 SUPERMAN, only need a cape

  3. DelaArena Says:

    Weight 38-56kg (good condition)
    Height 60-72cm (good working height)
    This is real but not the exact standart…

  4. AkaLeeBeats Says:

    I own a Rottweiler, and im curious.. how big do the Presa’s get in comparison? height and weight.. I have been impressed with this breed since i first layed eyes, but have never seen one in person…

  5. yabodmon Says:

    @TheJohnnybeez make a good boar dog eh ?

  6. mazzilloman12 Says:

    this dogs a beast!!

  7. chinavalley Says:

    @TheJohnnybeez - You can get any dog, legall it depends on what dog acts australia has

  8. karaamstaff Says:

    top hunde !

  9. escr76 Says:

    3th movement of Brahms’ 3th symphony for a dog training video? Strange but nice. Congrats!

  10. jessthark Says:

    Great work and great dog!!!

  11. DelaArena Says:


  12. DelaArena Says:


    Der ***AVD e.V.-Delegación Alemán del Dogo Canario*** betreut mit mehreren AVD-Arbeitsgruppen (Hundeplatzarbeit: Gehorsam + Schutzdienst) die Spanischen- u. Kanarischen Doggen in Deutschland. Kontakt finden Sie unter:

    Dogo-Canario “Punkt” biz

    Einzel- und Spezialtraining:

  13. LokiCybertar Says:

    wtf… germany??? wo genau??? ich habe einen 5 monate alten dogo und wirde gerne paar trainingseinheiten mit ihm machen, er is halt so träge :D:D
    würd mich auf antwort freuen…. mfg Aus meck pomm

  14. TheJohnnybeez Says:

    @DelaArena awesome thanks

  15. TheJohnnybeez Says:

    @DelaArena awesome thanks

  16. DelaArena Says:

    No, but we can send you these dogs ;-)

  17. TheJohnnybeez Says:

    can you get these dogs in australia??

  18. typhoon1978 Says:

    @DelaArena when he will grow up ;-) for now he’s only 4 months !! I saw lot of your dogs working and your site… great work ! great dogs ! what bloodlines do you use ?

  19. DelaArena Says:

    You are wellcome!

  20. typhoon1978 Says:

    @DelaArena wish to make a working session with my presa with you one day !!!

  21. cerberusgoddog Says:

    4:09 is the flying dog!!

  22. chulodogo Says:

    if i had knew before, i would have bought a presa from a working blood line also, mine is way to friendly. i use my dutch sheperd as guard/attack dog

  23. ike134 Says:

    I really like how the dog jumps into the sleeve. Most presa have a small pause right before they hit the sleeve.

  24. MMARTSS Says:

    nice dogo
    i got a presa dogo canario 2
    grtz from holland!!!

  25. MMARTSS Says:

    nice dog
    i got a presa canario 2
    Grtz from holland!