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Presa Canario Dogo Canario Springpool Part2

June 7th, 2010 by admin in Videos A Young son of Cobra de la Arena x Demonio de la Arena doing preydrive traing at the springpool, first time!

5 Responses to “Presa Canario Dogo Canario Springpool Part2”

  1. Belulah202 Says:

    You´ve been doing a nice job. De La Arena means great working bloodlines. I appreciate to watch your videos.

  2. Camelia321 Says:

    Thanks delaArena.What is the biggest presa you have herd of doing hang time.I have a friend that said he has the largest dog 120 pound cane corso to do hangtime.

  3. DelaArena Says:

    This young Dogo Canario male is 45 kg at the video. His name is “Quentin de la Arena” (Father: “Demonio de la Arena” 55 kg, Mother: “Cobra de la Arena” 44 kg)

  4. Camelia321 Says:

    does any body know how much this dog wieghs?

  5. wehttamak Says:

    how did u make your spring pole what material did u use

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