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presa canario females and female german shepard playing

December 14th, 2011 by admin in Videos

all 3 of these dogs are females, my shepard is a polish import and the presa,s are littermates shep-angel brindle presa-medusa fawn presa-bella

12 Responses to “presa canario females and female german shepard playing”

  1. mhrreplicacarbon Says:

    @the1onlydogfighter People aren’t breeding pits shorter and shorter, they are abusing the pitbulls name on their American Bullies. The TRUE bulldog will always be the same, and no shitty cur bullie can change that. If you don’t know your dogs you might end up buying a bully when wanting a pitbull. Then again you can’t handle a gamedog so maybe that’s for the best. As for your presa’s, these dogs are the real deal not your shit:)

  2. ikecot3 Says:

    @JustToletUknow man dont pay any attention to him he is all bark but no bite lol, and im not looking to see any fights, i have the ultimate humbugger right in my home

  3. JustToletUknow Says:

    the1onlydogfighter is 50? if so then he is mentally retarded nobody that i know of shows pics of therir dogs biting tires and calls them fighting dogs. if you wanna see real dogfight shoot me an email ill show you real fights with real professionals

  4. ikecot3 Says:

    i agree, but you must remeber every breed in the entire world is classified as a banddogge (pit infused with mastiff) until they breed true and thats when they get recognized as particular breed, the neo is the ancient of all the mastiffs, the neo is how the developed the cane corso, im well aware of the banddogge game my friend, i have banddogges that are south african boerboel and bull dog/pit cross that are monsters. i also have boerboel and presa/pit crosses that are popular

  5. JustToletUknow Says:

    Actually the presa is a bandog with bardino majorero blood and know your presas are real, i have a bitch from Irema de Curto female. It has mastiff blood in infused in the background but a 176lbs mpresa has a mastiff EM or neo up front in pedigree…making it a mutt

  6. ikecot3 Says:

    actually the presa is a spanish mastiff and i know the guy he is 50 and the presas he is talking about are american presas which are large and way out of the standard, the 2 bitches you see on this video are 100% spanish presas

  7. JustToletUknow Says:

    the1onlydogfighter ur a wanna be and know shit about dogs your probably sixteen and never seen the box in real life, and you probably don’t have a sponsor to the sporting dog journal …presa 176 lbs thats mixed with a mastiff if it weighs that the standard for presa calls 21-25 inch in the withers gsd is 26 inch and 130lbs is ideal for a male anything other then that is either fat or crossbred

  8. DRAGONS147 Says:

    The German shepard……….She looks good.

  9. the1onlydogfighter Says:

    these are like new trend of of shorter presa just look at my new video my male is 176 pounds his 2 smallest females are 115 and only 1 yr nothing wrong with your dogs just that i see people breeding them like pits shorter and shorter

  10. ikecot3 Says:

    as a matter of fact the fawn bitch looks just like her mother

  11. ikecot3 Says:

    the fawn and the brindle are littler mates and no she is not overbreed

  12. RachelXdanger Says:

    the fawn one is preobebly over bred (cerold tail)