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presa canario learning to fetch

August 1st, 2010 by admin in Videos

Dodger found the fence post so i threw it !! oh but before then he was trying to get a parking ticket !!!! …..& yes it was picked up!

5 Responses to “presa canario learning to fetch”

  1. TheAnimalDen Says:

    @MrDonkdarbs i find the Bm easy to train they can be possive and that hallow bark is enough to make someone jump lol i worked with a lot they are amazing Animals.its kust the sozialzaion he needs around strangers.i wanted to keep one but my parents said no -_- one day i will add him to my Pack lol

  2. MrDonkdarbs Says:

    Ive had bullmastiff & bullmastiff cross rotties & they were the same , but it makes them the great dogs they are & have been …:)

  3. TheAnimalDen Says:

    @MrDonkdarbs just like Boxers, Bull Terriers & American Bulldogs all have a mind of their own…but their all around good dogs :)

  4. MrDonkdarbs Says:

    They suffer from occasional deafness AKA - I will listen when i want syndrome !!!.
    But he’s great & il let him off :)

  5. TheAnimalDen Says:

    my sister used to have one of these,their pretty Rare not many people know about them.they just get those other breeds american Bullys…but i would rather of a presa i know some presa;s can be was urs ?

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