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Presa Canario - Madrid - somwhere in 90’s

July 23rd, 2011 by admin in Videos On this video we can see some dogs froom Spain on the ring of World Dog Show. Submited by Ewa Ziemska.

25 Responses to “Presa Canario - Madrid - somwhere in 90’s”

  1. harlekijn007 Says:

    i don’t believe there is a real full blood because breeders do eveything to improve the dog now these day’s for shows and in the past for work.

  2. harlekijn007 Says:

    conifer treez go get a life you don’t know what you are talking about and get your facts strait btw alanos aren’t even spanish dogs they were introduced by nomadic people who were called alani that is where the dogs get there name from really nice dogs btw my presa looks like them

  3. ConiferTreez Says:

    The old time Alano still exists. They found a steady population of over 300 specimens in extremely desolate areas of the Basque Country.

    Extensive research was conducted at the University Of Cordoba & wasn’t a single trace of blood from any known breed on the Planet found in the specimens’ DNA. The Alanos found really were the ancient Spanish Bulldog. I’m very surprised that you aren’t aware of this well-known fact amongst fanciers of Spanish Working Breeds.

  4. ReyGladiador Says:

    What you say is not correct. This breeds are all new. Alano also. With old history but the dogs are not the same dogs like in the past. The dogs from the past made those breeds and not alano of modern days. Presa is a dog comming from old time presas, and this presas came to the islands mane centuries ago and origin from old time alano

  5. ConiferTreez Says:

    Everything I’ve stated are FACTS, not “legends” or hearsay. I speak only TRUTH, nothing more. Presa Canario is simply an outcross of Alano Espanol/Perro de Toro, nothing more.

    Like I said, EVERY dog of prey comes from the Spanish Bulldog. English Bulldog, Presa Majorcan, Presa Canario, Villano, boxer, pitbull, everything begins & ends with Alano Espanol. like it or not, it’s the Truth.

  6. ReyGladiador Says:

    You can say this but this are just legends not the reality. But thats yor opinion. It’s not only villano but also other breeds. But that has nothing to do with greatness of this breed. alano is interesting but why to hide the truth in name of creating a legend? Truth is also interesting

  7. ConiferTreez Says:

    Alano Espanol is not just “any breed”. It is the best breed. It is the breed in which all “dogs of prey” derive from. There is NOTHING on this Planet that can compare to a Spanish Bulldog.

  8. ConiferTreez Says:

    The only breed that was used to bring the Alano back to proper form was the Villano de las Encartaciones, which is an Alano-variety in itself.

    The Presa Canario COMPLETELY died out. Fanciers reconstructed it from scratch. You cannot just reconstruct a breed from scratch, it doesn’t work like that.

  9. ReyGladiador Says:

    Only the work is on high level with we can envy to alaneros

  10. ReyGladiador Says:

    The same situation with Alano. Fanciers of all the breeds like to belive in purity and that their breed is something special but it’s not. Alano were also breed with other breeds to recover the population. The work was better than in case of presa and breeders take much care to select the most pure spicimns and eliminate characteristicks of other breeds. But this is still the breed reconstructed not found in the pure form. There were some found and some reconstructed.

  11. ConiferTreez Says:

    Yes, the Presa is extinct.

    Alanos were never reconstructed. they never died out because they were never used for fighting.

  12. ReyGladiador Says:

    nop presa isn’t extinct and was reconstructed as alano was

  13. ConiferTreez Says:

    looks like an Alano.

    presa canario died out long ago

  14. BlondeClarity Says:

    you think your mutt has Pure bred presas beat.. lol now i know you are smoking crack
    get a life dude.. get a REAL dog

  15. mgbrawl Says:

    TheMicEntertainer2: Errrr, wouldnt that mean they make good guard dogs for assertive owners, same as rottweilers, canecorso’s, boerboels etc???

  16. ReyGladiador Says:

    polish ;)

  17. osv6991 Says:

    What weird language are they speaking?????

  18. matchless10000 Says:

    irema curto considered best

  19. ConiferTreez Says:

    your dog is a mutt

  20. UMajest Says:

    My presa had all them dogs beat!

  21. sajking07 Says:

    Hey i have a new video of a massive presa. People please leave you comment on it if the dog is pure or not check it out

  22. Gaidaross Says:

    does anyone knows breeders in canary islands or Spain pls??

  23. pizzaman3210 Says:

    The Presa can be aggressive toward other dogs and suspicious of strangers inless otherwise directed by the owner it is a GREAT protection dog and is very DOMINENT TOWARDS anything GET THEM AS PUPPIES and keep FIRM limitations and be VERY assertive so he knows ur in control.

  24. TheMicEntertainer2 Says:

    The Presa can be aggressive toward other dogs and suspicious of strangers which makes them not such a good breed for any body

  25. MaloneEjido Says:

    Hay un primer presa que lo visualisan primero y después no sale más. ¿Lo han descalificado? Se ve claramente más grande que el resto… saludos.